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  1. 1929-second
  2. 1923-third
  3. 1929-first
  4. 1925-first
  5. 1923-second
  1. a Poolvon Hirdenerg created a new govt. that dismissed the Weimer Republic
  2. b Hitler charged with high treason; said treaty was wrong and signers were weak
  3. c Hitler wrote Mein Kampf first volume
  4. d Great Depression starts all over the world; great coalition collapses
  5. e Hitler gains support of judges at his trial; released after one year in prison

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  1. Night of the Long Knives; SA leaders were purged from the top; Ernest Romh was arrested by the SS
  2. Nazi Party becomes second-largest party in Germany
  3. Hitler becomes official leader of German Workers' Party
  4. concentration camp is created
  5. Hitler becomes leader of growing Nazi Party; Nazi got only 2.6% of vote in Reichstat

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  1. 1933-secondReichstatg building burns; blamed on a Dutch communist; Parliment and democracy ended


  2. 1934-firstHindenberg wins next presidency;keeps Hitler out


  3. 1919-secondHitler joins the German Workers' Party; committed to a reacially purer Germany


  4. 1919-firstGreat Depression starts all over the world; great coalition collapses


  5. 1935-firstErnest Romh dies; Hitler makes Nuremburg Law; Jews are separated from Germans; Jews determined by ancestry many people turned out to be non-Arians