Winning the "war for talent" means attracting the best available workers who will be enthusiastic about their work and contribute more to the company than they cost
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Which of the following is not a reason employers should test applicants as part of the selection process?To screen out applicants who don't match the employees desired demographicsDuring an interview, it is permitted to ask an applicant about their marital status and if they have children if these factors may affect their ability to sometimes work late or on weekends, if these are requirements of the job?FalseCompanies often conduct what to determine the internal value of the job—the more vital the job to company's success, the higher the pay level.Job EvaluationIn order to best support an organization's mission and goals, compensation systems should what?Reward behaviors that support the goals and discourage those that work against the goalsWhat ties pay directly to an individual's contributions toward meeting specific business goals or objectives?Pay for performance