AST Test 2

What method was used o determine the age of the solar system?
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What is surprising about the extrasolar planets that have been discovered?
A) More than half have strong lines of molecular oxygen in their spectra, a possible indication of life on these planets
B) The majority rotate much faster than the planets in our solar system
C) Many of them are giant planets like Jupiter, orbiting at distances characteristic of terrestrial planets
D) Many of them are terrestrial planets but orbiting at distances characteristic of giant planets
What is the astrometric method used in searches for planets orbiting stars other than the Sun?
A) search for excess infrared radiation from the star caused by the presence of planets that are cool and thus emit primarily in the infrared
B) search for tiny wobbles in position of the star due to gravitational pull of a planet orbiting around it
C) search for tiny wobbles in positions of absorption lines in the star's spectrum, caused by radial velocity variations of the star due to a planet orbiting around it
D) search for tiny bumps on images of the star due to the light from a planet located close to the star
The core of the Earth is mostly composed of:ironEarth's mantle is composed largely of: A) almost pure iron B) silicon-rich rocks and minerals C) solid hydrogen and helium D) minerals rich in calcium and potassiumB) silicon-rich rocks and mineralsApproximately how many tectonic plates make up Earth's surface?tenVan Allen beltsregions of high-energy charged particles in Earth's magnetospheremost abundant gas in Earth's atmospherenitrogenlayers of Earth's atmosphere upward in ordertroposphere stratosphere mesosphere thermosphereWhat atmospheric constituent causes the greenhouse effect on Earth?carbon dioxide