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  1. systems of neurons that bring info up to the brain are called ____ ____; travels along 3 neurons considered 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order neurons
  2. pattern of ventral rami in thorax where ____ _____ travel along inferior surface of the ribs and send small branches to nearby muscles, bones, and skin from
  3. _____ ____; to smooth muscles and glands: located in _____ horn
  4. withdrawal reflex is an example of a ______ reflex; most are protective in nature
  5. ventral rami join to form _____ ______ formed of C5-T1 spinal nerve rami; supplies upper limb
  1. a ascending pathways
  2. b polysynaptic
  3. c brachial plexus
  4. d visceral motor lateral
  5. e intercostal nerves

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  1. plexus
  2. dorsal ventral lateral
  3. cauda equina
  4. pia mater
  5. epidural space

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  1. patellar reflex is one example of a _____ reflex; which is a type of _______ reflexstretch monosynaptic


  2. ______ reflexes are the simplest reflexes involve a sensory neuron and its synapse with a motor neuronmonosynaptic


  3. as the spinal cord comes to an end at the conus medularis, the pia mater continues a thin threat the anchors the end of the spinal chord to the sacrumlumbar enlargement


  4. ____ ____: involuntary circuits in which the brian is not involved in the response to stimulusgray matter


  5. dura mater extends outward around the spinal nerves and becomes known as the ____, the outermost layer of a nervefilum terminale sacrum