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  1. within cauda equina lies the ____ ____, an extension of the pia mater
  2. outermost and toughest layer that protects the spinal cord
  3. ___ vertebral levels, each containing muscles, skin, and bones; neurons that supply instruction to/form these levels travel within ____ _____
  4. _____ _____ and its ____ run parallel to the spinal cord and send branches towards the thoracic and abdominal cavities
  5. monosynaptic relfexes: stimulus travels along a sensory neuron that has an axon terminal in the _____ horn where neurons are stimulated
  1. a filum terminale
  2. b sympathetic chain ganglia
  3. c dura mater
  4. d 32 spinal nerves
  5. e ventral

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  1. plexus
  2. polysynaptic
  3. rami
  4. first dorsal interneurons
  5. denticulate ligaments

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  1. ventral rami join to form _____ ______ formed of C5-T1 spinal nerve rami; supplies upper limbbrachial plexus


  2. ______ reflexes are the simplest reflexes involve a sensory neuron and its synapse with a motor neuronpolysynaptic


  3. spinal chord begins as the _____ _____ exits the skull and enters the ____ ____ of the 1st cervical vertebra (C1)cervical enlargement


  4. bundle of spinal nerves that pass through the vertebral canal on their way to the appropriate intervertebral foramenlumbar enlargement


  5. spinal cord has a _____ _____ in the region of the lower limblumbar enlargement