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  1. ventral rami join to form _____ ______ formed of C5-T1 spinal nerve rami; supplies upper limb
  2. _____ ____ neuron of the peripheral nervous system;leaves the spinal cord to innervate skeletal muscles
  3. (ascending) ____ order ____ extends from the dorsal horn, decussates (crosses) to the ______ (opposite) side, and then it's axon enters the white matter; the axon then runs up to the ____ where it synapses
  4. unlike the brain, the duramater is surrounded by a space filled with fat, the ___ ___
  5. dura mater extends outward around the spinal nerves and becomes known as the ____, the outermost layer of a nerve
  1. a epidural space
  2. b epineurium
  3. c second interneuron contralateral thalamus
  4. d lower motor
  5. e brachial plexus

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  1. intercostal nerves
  2. visceral sensory dorsal
  3. conus medularis
  4. third interneuron
  5. nerves

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  1. gray and white _____ _____ carry visceral motor (sympathetic) and visceral sensory neurons to and from the visceracommunicating rami


  2. _____ _____ and its ____ run parallel to the spinal cord and send branches towards the thoracic and abdominal cavitiessympathetic chain ganglia


  3. spinal chord begins as the _____ _____ exits the skull and enters the ____ ____ of the 1st cervical vertebra (C1)medulla oblongata vertebral foramen


  4. deepest meningal layer in direct contact with the spinal corddura mater


  5. spinal nerve forms from the joining of two major tributaries, the _____ and _____ rootsdorsal ventral lateral