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  1. each of the bodies segments is supplied by a different ____ ____
  2. as the spinal cord comes to an end at the conus medularis, the pia mater continues a thin threat the anchors the end of the spinal chord to the sacrum
  3. withdrawal reflex is an example of a ______ reflex; most are protective in nature
  4. _____ _____; from skin, skeletal muscles, joints: located in _____ horn
  1. a polysynaptic
  2. b filum terminale
  3. c spinal nerve
  4. d somatic sensory dorsal

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  1. spinal reflexes
  2. L1
  3. dorsal ventral
  4. ventral root
  5. dorsal ventral lateral

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  1. axons going to and from the spinal cord are bundled asfilum terminale sacrum


  2. located at the center of the spinal chord; cavity in continuity with the ventricles of the braincentral canal


  3. ____ ____ carries somatic motor and somatic sensory to the lateral and anterior body wallsomatic motor ventral


  4. dura mater extends outward around the spinal nerves and becomes known as the ____, the outermost layer of a nervenerves


  5. carries sensory info to the dorsal horn of the spinal cord; has a large collection of cell bodies that form the ____ ____ ____dorsal root ganglion