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  1. within cauda equina lies the ____ ____, an extension of the pia mater
  2. reflex which involve one or several interneurons
  3. outer region of the spinal cord; consists of myelinated axons that are oriented vertically to communicate with higher and lower regions of the CNS
  4. gray matter is organized into 3 columns; the ______, ________, and _____ horns
  5. ____ ____: involuntary circuits in which the brian is not involved in the response to stimulus
  1. a spinal reflexes
  2. b dorsal ventral lateral
  3. c white matter
  4. d polysynaptic
  5. e filum terminale

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  1. monosynaptic
  2. somatic motor ventral
  3. polysynaptic
  4. nerves
  5. lumbar enlargement

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  1. as the spinal cord comes to an end at the conus medularis, the pia mater continues a thin threat the anchors the end of the spinal chord to the sacrumcervical enlargement


  2. ventral rami join to form ____ ____ formed of L2-S2 rami; supplies lower limblumbosacral plexus


  3. spinal chord travels within successive vertebral foramina, a passage called the _____ _____vertebral canal


  4. bundle of spinal nerves that pass through the vertebral canal on their way to the appropriate intervertebral foramencervical enlargement


  5. neurons have their cell bodies in the ventral and lateral horns of the spinal cordventral root


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