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  1. ____ neurons are unique in having the cell body in the middle of the course of the axon; unipolar
  2. ______ reflex: stimulus travels along a sensory neuron that synapses with one or several interneurons; several sets of motor neurons are stimulated in your hip, thigh, and lower leg to withdraw from the painful stimulus
  3. cone-shaped termination of the spinal cord is the ____ ____
  4. _____ _____; from skin, skeletal muscles, joints: located in _____ horn
  5. located at the center of the spinal chord; cavity in continuity with the ventricles of the brain
  1. a central canal
  2. b somatic sensory dorsal
  3. c sensory
  4. d polysynaptic
  5. e conus medularis

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  1. spinal reflexes
  2. communicating rami
  3. filum terminale
  4. somatic motor ventral
  5. medulla oblongata vertebral foramen

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  1. reflex in which the stretch of the muscle reflexively causes contraction of the same muscle leading to greater stability of jointsfilum terminale sacrum


  2. _____ ____; to smooth muscles and glands: located in _____ hornvisceral motor lateral


  3. ________ reflex pathway: 1. stimulation of stretch receptor 2. signal occurs along sensory neuron 3. synapse with motor neuron 4. signal occurs along motor neuron 5. muscle is stimulated to contractpolysynaptic


  4. pia mater has at least 20 pairs of lateral projections called ____ ____ that anchor the spinal cord to the dura mater and limit the movement of the cordascending pathways


  5. _____ _____; from the viscera: located in _____ hornsomatic motor ventral