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  1. gray and white _____ _____ carry visceral motor (sympathetic) and visceral sensory neurons to and from the viscera
  2. as the spinal cord comes to an end at the conus medularis, the pia mater continues a thin threat the anchors the end of the spinal chord to the sacrum
  3. ___ vertebral levels, each containing muscles, skin, and bones; neurons that supply instruction to/form these levels travel within ____ _____
  4. ______ reflex: stimulus travels along a sensory neuron that synapses with one or several interneurons; several sets of motor neurons are stimulated in your hip, thigh, and lower leg to withdraw from the painful stimulus
  5. ______ reflexes are the simplest reflexes involve a sensory neuron and its synapse with a motor neuron
  1. a monosynaptic
  2. b communicating rami
  3. c 32 spinal nerves
  4. d polysynaptic
  5. e filum terminale

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  1. second interneuron contralateral thalamus
  2. stretch monosynaptic
  3. epidural space
  4. conus medularis
  5. lumbar enlargement

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  1. _____ ____; to smooth muscles and glands: located in _____ hornsomatic motor ventral


  2. (ascending) ___ order sensory neuron extends form the source of the stimulus to the _____ horn where it synapses with ______first dorsal interneurons


  3. ____ ____; to skeletal muscles: located in _____ hornsomatic motor ventral


  4. (ascending) ____ order _____ extends form the thalamus to the appropriate part of the somatosensory cortexsecond interneuron contralateral thalamus


  5. reflex in which the stretch of the muscle reflexively causes contraction of the same muscle leading to greater stability of jointsstretch