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  1. spinal nerve forms from the joining of two major tributaries, the _____ and _____ roots
  2. (ascending) ___ order sensory neuron extends form the source of the stimulus to the _____ horn where it synapses with ______
  3. pattern of ventral rami in thorax where ____ _____ travel along inferior surface of the ribs and send small branches to nearby muscles, bones, and skin from
  4. deep to the dura, the ____ ____ and ___ ___ can be identified
  5. outermost and toughest layer that protects the spinal cord
  1. a intercostal nerves
  2. b first dorsal interneurons
  3. c dorsal ventral
  4. d arachnoid mater subarachnoid space
  5. e dura mater

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  1. sympathetic chain ganglia
  2. nerves
  3. polysynaptic
  4. ventral
  5. pia mater

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  1. ____ neurons are unique in having the cell body in the middle of the course of the axon; unipolarsensory


  2. gray matter is organized into 3 columns; the ______, ________, and _____ hornsventral root


  3. ____ ____ lies internal to the white matter and contains unmyelinated neurons of the CNS and interneurons; also portions of sensory neurons and motor neurons reside withinspinal reflexes


  4. _____ ____ neuron of the peripheral nervous system;leaves the spinal cord to innervate skeletal muscleslower motor


  5. located at the center of the spinal chord; cavity in continuity with the ventricles of the braincentral canal