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Why don't commercial auto coverage forms automatically include medical payment coverage?
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if an insured operates a home daycare business out of their house, how can he insure the liability exposure coverageattach a home day care coverage endorsement to the HO policyWhen is a hired and nonowned auto liability endorsement available in a businessowners policy (BOP)?only if the insured does not have commercial auto coveragea type of policy that is used to provide a specific amount of replacement cost for a given risk after an insured property has been destoyed called avalued policywhat term best describes the act of withholding material information that would be crucial to an underwriting decisionconcealmentIssuing sales material with exaggerated statements about policy benefitsMisrepresentationa specialised type of insurance that guarentees the faithful preformance of a trustee of employee benefitfiduciary liability insuranceDo the declarations vary with each individual policyWhat are the four primary elements considered on establishin negligenceproximate cause,leagal duty, standard of care,how many days does the insurer have to give the insured when they decide to make a chamce in the liability policy45 daysthe designation symbols used in commercial auto policies can be found in which policy secetioncovered autodo the parts used in the repair of an insured vehicle need to be from the same manufacturerNo