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  1. 19th Amendment
  2. Tenement
  3. Daniel Burnham
  4. Urban Sprawl
  5. Progressivism
  1. a Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1920) extended the right to vote to women in federal or state elections.
  2. b The political orientation of those who favor progress toward better conditions in government and society
  3. c The process of urban areas expanding outwards, usually in the form of suburbs, and developing over fertile agricultural land.
  4. d A rundown apartment house barely meeting minimal standards
  5. e Revived classical Greek and Roman architeculture in his designs.

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  1. Head of the U.S. Forest Servic under Roosevelt, who believed that it was possible to make use of natural resources while conserving them
  2. He believed that African Americans should strive for full rights immediately. He helped found the Niagara Movement in 1905 to fight for equal rights. He also helped found the NAACP.
  3. A system that bound laborers into slavery in order to work off a debt to the employer
  4. Prominent black American, born into slavery, who believed that racism would end once blacks acquired useful labor skills and proved their economic value to society, was head of the Tuskegee Institute in 1881. His book "Up from Slavery."
  5. Transportation system designed to move large numbers of people along fixed routes

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  1. Niagara MovementA movement emphasizing the application of Christian principles to social problems


  2. Boss TweedTransportation system designed to move large numbers of people along fixed routes


  3. Hull HouseSettlement home designed as a welfare agency for needy families. It provided social and educational opportunities for working class people in the neighborhood as well as improving some of the conditions caused by poverty.


  4. William Jennings BryanUnited States lawyer and politician who advocated free silver and prosecuted John Scopes (1925) for teaching evolution in a Tennessee high school (1860-1925)


  5. Ida B. WellsAfrican American journalist. published statistics about lynching, urged African Americans to protest by refusing to ride streetcards or shop in white owned stores