Formulas: Expel Damp

Ping Wei San at a glance
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A: Dries Damp, improves SP's transportive function, promotes Qi movement and harmonizes ST

I: SP/ST Damp

S/S: distension & fullness in epigastrium and abdomen, loss of taste and appetite, heavy sensation of limbs, loose stools or diarrhea, easily fatigued, increased desire to sleep, N/V, belching, acid reflux

T: swollen + thick, white greasy coat
P: moderate or slippery

Modify in cases with Yin & Blood xu
Caution during Pregnancy
A: Releases Exterior, transforms Damp, regulates Qi, harmonizes MJ

I: External Wind Cold attack with underlying Internal Damp & Stagnation

S/S: fever and chills, HA, sense of fullness & stifled oppression in chest, pain in epigastrium and abdomen, N/V, borborygmus, diarrhea and loss of taste; sudden turmoil disease or malarial disease with above s/s

T: white, greasy coat
P: moderate, soggy

Modify in cases with Wind Heat or Yin Xu Fire
A: Disseminates Qi, facilitates Qi mechanisms, clears Damp Heat

I: Damp Warm disease or Summer Heat Warm disease in the Wei & Qi levels - with Damp

S/S: HA, chills, PM fever, heavy sensation in body, generalized pain, pale yellow complexion, stifled sensation in chest, loss of appetite, absence of thirst

T: white coat
P: wiry, thin and soggy
A: Clears Heat, resolves Damp and reduces jaundice

I: Yang Jaundice d/t Damp Heat

S/S: whole-body jaundice with a color that resembles...'fresh tangerine', slight abdominal distention, urinary difficulty, thirst with ability to only take sips, little or no sweating/sweating only from head and stopping at neck

T: yellow, greasy coat
P: slippery, rapid

Extreme caution during Pregnancy
Yin Chen Hao Tang mods+Fu Zi for Yin-type or Damp-Cold Jaundice#1 formula for Jaundice (Yang-Yellow = Damp Heat)Yin Chen Hao Tang Yin Chen Hao is #1 herb for Jaundice: clears D-H, enters LR/GB, reduces BPBa Zheng San at a glanceA: Clears Heat, drains Fire, promotes urination, unblocks painful urinary dribbling I: Damp Heat in Urinary Bladder S/S: dark, turbid, scanty difficult & painful urination and a dry mouth and throat; severe - urinary retention and lower abdominal distension and pain T: yellow, greasy coat P: slippery, rapid -Short term only, may cause weakness, lightheadedness, palps and loss of appetite =Modify in cases with Deficiency Cold, during PregnancyBa Zheng San ingredientsC = Qu Mai @6-12g C = Bian Xu @6-12g D = Mu Tong @3-6g D = Hua Shi @12-30g D = Che Qian Zi @9-15g A = Zhi Zi @3-9g A = (Zhi) Da Huang @6-9g E = Deng Xin Cao @3-6g E = ZGC @3-9g Qu Mai @ blood level Bian Xu @ qi levelHua Shi + Gan Cao =Liu Yi San Summerheat/damp Lin syndrome Damp Heat skin disordersBa Zheng San mods+Bai Mao Gen, Xiao Ji for blood Lin syndrome +Jin Qian Cao, Hai Jin Sha for stony Lin +Bi Xie, Shi Chuang Pu for cloudy/turbid Lin +Dao Chi San for HT Fire Transferring to SI (gentle) +Xiao Ji Yin Zi for Heat & bleeding in LJ +Rou Gui for protecting KD Yang, moving blood, unblocking channels +Qi tonifying herbs for recurrent infections (UTI)Er Miao San at a glanceA: Clears Heat, dries Damp I: Damp Heat in LJ leading to pain S/S: disorders with scanty yellow urine: 1) Pain in lower back/extremities (sinews or bones) 2) Weakness or atrophy of lower extremities 3) Red, hot, swollen, painful feet or knees 4) Thick, yellow, foul-smelling vaginal discharge 5) Sores on lower extremities d/t Damp T: yellow, greasy coat Modify in cases of LU Heat or LR/KD XuEr Miao San ingredientsC = Huang Bai @9-12g D = Cang Zhu @6-9gEr Miao San mods+Chuan Niu Xi = San Miao San for more stagnation in LJ +Chuan Niu Xi, Yi Yi Ren = Si Miao San to strengthen Dampness draining & Heat clearing (red, swollen, painful knees and feet)Wu Ling San at a glanceA: Promotes urination, drains Damp, strengthens SP, warms Yang, promotes transforming functions of Qi I: Water & Damp Accumulation in Interior d/t Exterior Invasion affecting Urinary Bladder, SP, or LU S/S: 1) Taiyang disorder: HA, fever, irritability, strong thirst but with vomiting immediately after drinking, urinary difficulty T: white coat P: floating 2) SP Xu (Earth failing to transport Water): edema, generalized sensation of heaviness, diarrhea, urinary difficulty, possible vomiting and diarrhea d/t sudden turmoil disorder 3) Retention of thin mucus in LJ: throbbing pulsations just below umbilicus, vomiting frothy saliva, vertigo, SOB, coughing Overdose symptoms: dizziness, vertigo, bland taste, reduced appetiteWu Ling San ingredientsC = Ze Xie @15g D = Fu Ling @9g D = Zhu Ling @9g A = Bai Zhu @9g A/E = Gui Zhi @6gWu Ling San mods+Yin Chen Hao = Yin Chen Qu Ling San, for Dampness attacking LR/GB --> jaundice Substitute Rou Gui for Gui Zhi for stronger KD Yang warming effect = better support for Qi Hua functionWu Ling San vs. Zhu Ling TangBoth promote urination -Fu Ling/Zhu Ling/Ze Xie but WLS is where disease is still active in exterior (unblock flow of yang to encourage qi transform)... ...while ZLS treats pathogenic influence that went into internal heat so clear heat/nourish Yin instead WLS drains vigorous dampness (gui zhi, bai zhu) and ZLT drains vigorous heat (hua shi)Zhu Ling Tang at a glanceA: Promotes urination, clears Heat, nourishes Yin I: Cold disease in Yangming or Shaoyin transforming into Heat --Damp-Heat/Water & Heat retention in Bladder + Injury to Yin S/S: urinary difficulty, fever and thirst with desire to drink; diarrhea, cough, nausea, irritability, insomniaZhu Ling Tang ingredientsC = Zhu Ling @3g D = Fu Ling @3g D = Ze Xie @3g A = Hua Shi @3g N/N = E Jiao @3gNotes on Zhu Ling TangExterior evil attack going deeper to Yangming & Shaoyin --> Heat + Internal water --> Stagnation = injuring Yin 1. Dampness 2. Heat 3. Yin xuWu Pi San at a glanceA: Resolve Damp, reduce edema, regulate Qi, strengthen SP I: Pregnancy edema d/t either Wind invasion affecting the LU, KD Yang Xu or SP Xu with Damp & Qi stagnation S/S: generalized edema with a sensation of heaviness, distension, and fullness in epigastrium and abdomen, labored and heavy breathing, urinary difficulty; generalized edema during pregnancy T: white, greasy coat P: submerged, moderate Modify for severe SP XuWu Pi San ingredientsNo hierarchy noted Sang Bai Pi @15g Sheng Jiang Pi @6g Fu Ling Pi @15g Chen Pi @9g Da Fu Pi @15g All 5 herbs are peels/skin of plantWu Pi San mods+Su Zi, Lai Fu Zi, Ting Ling Zi, Da Fu Zi, Shui Hong Hua Zi = Wu Pi, for stronger edema relieving effectingLing Gui Zhu Gan Tang at a glanceA: Warms and transforms Phlegm and thin mucus, strengthens SP & resolves Damp I: SP Yang Xu leading to thin mucus in epigastrium --Cold-water stagnation in upper body and is rebelling upwards S/S: coughing up clear and watery sputum, fullness in chest/hypochondria, palps, SOB, dizziness, vertigo T: pale + swollen, white and slippery or greasy coat P: slippery and wiry or soggyLing Gui Zhu Gan Tang ingredientsC = Fu Ling @12g D = Gui Zhi @9g A = Bai Zhu @6g E = ZGC @6gZhen Wu Tang at a glanceA: Warms Yang, promotes urination I: KD and/or SP Yang Xu with retention of pathological Water or External Wind-Cold S/S: 1) KD Yang Xu or SP/KD Yang Xu: abdominal pain aggravated by Cold, urinary difficulty and deep aching/heavy extremities; generalized edema, loose stools, dizziness, heavy sensation in head, palps, coughing, vomiting T: pale or dark and swollen with toothmarks + white, slippery coat P: submerged, thin, forceless 2) Externally contracted Wind Cold (Taiyang): sweating that does not reduce the fever, palps in epigastrium, dizziness, generalized twitching, pt feeling unstable T: white, slippery coat P: submerged, thin, forcelessZhen Wu Tang ingredientsC = (Bao) Fu Zi @9g D = Bai Zhu @6g D = Fu Ling @9g A = Sheng Jiang @9g A = Bai Shao @9gZhen Wu Tang modsRemove Fu Ling for profuse urination Remove Sheng Jiang, add Ren Shen + Fu Zi x 2 (Fu Zi Tang) for Cold-Damp-Bi syndrome (severe body pain or heaviness d/t cold stag in channels)Notes on Zhen Wu Tang, Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang, Ling Gan Wu Wei Jiang Gan Tang....Zhen Wu Tang: lower body Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang: cold-water retention in upper or middle jiao Ling Gan Wu Wei Jiang Gan Tang: cold-fluid in lungsShi Pi Yin at a glanceA: Warms Yang, strengthens SP, moves Qi, promotes urination I: Yin Edema d/t SP & KD Yang Xu --SP>KD compared to Zhen Wu Tang S/S: generalized edema that is more severe below the waist, cold extremities, chest and abdominal fullness and distension, heavy sensation in body, loss of appetite, absence of thirst, scanty urine and semi-liquid unformed stools T: thick, greasy coat P: submerged, slow or submerged, thinShi Pi Yin ingredientsC = Fu Zi @30g C = Pao Jiang (Gan Jiang) @30g D = Fu Ling @30g D = Bai Zhu @30g A = Mu Gua @30g A = Hou Po @30g A = Mu Xiang @30g A = Da Fu Pi @30g A = Cao Guo @30g E = ZGC @15g E = Sheng Jiang, 5 slices E = Da Zao, 1 pieceShi Pi Yin mods+Dang Shen, Huang Qi for Qi xu with SOB, fatigue +Ze Xie, Zhu Ling for more severe Edema, scanty urine +Chen Pi, Sha Ren for abdominal distension +Long Gu, Ci Shi for palpitationsBi Xie Fen Qing Yin at a glanceA: Warms KD, promotes resolution of Damp, separates Turbid/Clear I: Cloudy painful urinary dribbling d/t Yang Xu in LJ --KD Yang xu with leakage of KD Essence via urine S/S: urinary frequency with cloudy, dense, milk or greasy urine; resembles rice waterBi Xie Fen Qing Yin ingredientsC = Bi Xie @9-12g D = Yi Zhi Ren @9g A = Wu Yao @9g A = Shi Chuang Pu @9g Add salt to better guide herbs to LJ/KDBi Xie Fen Qing Yin modsRemove Wu Yao and Yi Zhi Ren --> Add Huang Bai, Chen Qian Zi, Fu Ling, Dan Shen, Lian Zi Xin for D-H in BLQiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang at a glanceA: Expels Wind and Damp I: Wind Damp Bi Painful Obstruction (superficial & muscle layer) S/S: HA, heavy and painful head, generalized sense of heaviness, back pain or general pain, stiff neck, difficulty rotating or bending trunk, mild fever, chills T: white coat P: floatingQiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang ingredientsC = Qiang Huo @3g C = Du Huo @3g D = Gao Ben @1.5g D = Fang Feng @1.5g A = Chuan Xiong @1.5g A = Man Jing Zi @0.9g E = ZGC @1.5g Usually prepared as a decoction with 2-3 times the specified dosage of each ingredient mods: add Fu Zi for severe Cold & PainQiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang vs. Du Huo Ji Sheng TangQiang Huo = upper body, acute, excess Du Huo = lower body, chronic, more nourishing (kidney, qi, blood) and excessJuan Bi Tang at a glanceA: Removes Wind Damp and alleviates painful obstruction I: Early-stage Painful Bi -Wind-Cold-Damp Bi Syndrome with Underlying Qi & Wei, Blood & Ying Xu (more acute/early-stage) S/S: Joint pain worse with cold and better with warmth, possibly with sensation of heaviness and numbness in limbs T: thick, white coat P: slow, possibly slipperyJuan Bi Tang ingredientsNo hierarchy noted Qiang Huo @3g Du Huo @3g Qin Jiao @3g Sang Zhi @9g Hai Feng Teng @9g Dang Gui @9g Chuan Xiong @2.1g Ru Xiang @2.4g Mu Xiang @2.4g Rou Gui @1.5g ZGC @1.5gJuan Bi Tang modsReduce Qiang Huo, add Wei Ling Xian and Mu Gua for lower extremity painDu Huo Ji Sheng Tang at a glanceA: Expels Wind Damp, disperses painful obstruction and tonifies Deficiency I: Painful Bi With LR/KD Xu S/S: heavy and painful sensations at fixed locations in lower back and extremities with weakness and stiffness or hypertonicity and immobility, aversion to cold, attraction to warm, palps, SOB, paresthesia/numbness T: pale + white coat P: thin, weak, slowDu Huo Ji Sheng Tang ingredientsC = Du Huo @9g D = Xi Xin @6g D = Fang Feng @6g D = Qin Jiao @6g A = Sang Ji Sheng @6g A = Du Zhong @6g A/E = Niu Xi @6g A = Rou Gui @6g A = Dang Gui @6g A = Chuan Xiong @6g A = Sheng Di @6g A = Bai Shao @6g A = Ren Shen @6g A = Fu Ling @6g E = Gan Cao @6gDu Huo Ji Sheng Tang modsThis is a warm formula. If too warm --> insomnia, combine with Suan Zao Ren Tang to cool down Male pts: base on qi, increase qi supporting herbs Female pts: base on blood, increase blood nourishing herbsGui Zhi Shao Yao Zhi Mu Tang at a glanceA: Unblocks Yang Qi, promotes movement (in areas with painful obstruction), dispels Wind, eliminates Damp and clears Heat I: Localized Wind Damp Cold Bi transforming into Heat S/S: swollen and painful joints (lower extremities), warm to touch and worse at night, reduced ROM in affected joints, chills, absence of sweating, weight loss, HA, dizziness, SOB, feeling of wanting to vomit T: white, greasy coat P: wiry, slipperyGui Zhi Shao Yao Zhi Mu Tang ingredientsC = Gui Zhi @12g D = Ma Huang @6g D = Fu Zi @15g D = Zhi Mu @12g D = Shao Yao @9g A = Bai Zhu @15g A = Fang Feng @12g E = Sheng Jiang @15g E = ZGC @6g