Chapter 9

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To attract anchor tenants, property owners tend to charge them lower rents. They make up for the lower rents by charging the anchor tenant higher CAM charges.
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Which of the following is NOT considered to be an office or retail property?WarehouseThe difference between the existing stock of space and the equilibrium occupancy is known as:VacancyThe dollar amount by which total rent exceeds base rent under a percentage lease for retail is referred to as:Overage rentExpenses for a 1,000 square foot office space are $6.00 per square foot. The lease specifies an expense stop of $5.40. What is the total expense paid by the landlord?$5,400A 1,500-square-foot office space is leased at $12.00 square foot. The space is vacant one month out of the year. Office expenses are $6.50 per square foot and expense stop is set at $6.00 per square foot. What is the annual net operating income?$7,500Income after deducting loss of rents due to vacancy and nonpayment of rents, as well as any concessions, is referred to as:Effective gross incomeA 1,000 square foot office space is leased at $15.00 per square foot during the first year with $2.00 step-up provisions each of the following years. The lease is gross with an expense stop set at $6.65 per square foot, and yearly expenses per square foot are as follows: $6.00, $6.65, and $7.05. The lease provides for two months of free rent at the end of the lease term. If the lease term is three years and the discount rate is 10%, what is the effective rent per square foot? (A) $9.38 (B) $9.50 (C) $10.22 (D) $10.46$9.50Which of the following does the term "anchor tenant" usually refer to?A department store in a mallWhich of the following describes the function of an expense stop in a lease?Expenses above the stop are paid by the tenantWhich of the following is TRUE for a net lease?All expenses are paid by the tenantWhich of the following tends to lower effective rents?ConcessionsWhich of the following does the term "in-line tenants" refer to?Smaller stores in a mall that are not anchor tenantsWhich of the following is FALSE regarding cap rates?Rising interest rates generally tend to lower cap ratesThe price a potential tenant must pay to lease a specific type of real estate under the current economic conditions is:Market rentA manufacturing business is contracting to lease a large, open building and is seeking to add partition walls and a large air conditioning unit in order to accommodate its specific needs. What type of lease is the building owner likely to want to agree to?Triple net lease