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Earth Science 1 (Measurements/Topographic Maps)

What is the formula for density?
Mass is measured using a __?__.
What is the base unit for mass?
Mass refers to the _______?_______.
amount of matter in an object
How is weight measured?
with a scale
What is the base unit for weight?
What deals with the effect of gravity on mass?
What would the density of object A be if it had a mass of 99 grams and a volume of 33 mL?
3 centimeters cubed
What is volume?
the amount of space an object takes up
How is volume measured?
by using a graduated cylinder
Name 3 base units for volume.
mililiter, liter, or centimeter cubed
How would you find the volume of an oddly shaped object?
by using the graduated cylinder method
What is density?
the relationship between mass and volume
What is the base unit for length?
Lines of latitude run from ___ to ___ on a map.
east, west
Lines of latitude measure how far ___ or ___ of the eqautor you are.
north, south
Lines of longitude run from ___ to ___ on a map.
north, south
Lines of longitude measure how far ___ or ___ of the prime meridian you are.
east, west
What kind of map shows you the elevation of an area?
a topographic map
What tells you the change in elevation between two contour lines?
contour interval
What connects points of equal elevations?
a contour line
How would you calculate the contour interval of a map?
count the lines between the two index contours, subtract the elevation of one index contour from the other, and divide
What does it mean when two contour lines are very close together?
the area is fairly steep
If the contour lines are farther apart, then the area is ___.