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  1. feature detectors
  2. wavelength
  3. blind spot
  4. retina
  5. perception
  1. a light-sensitive inner surface of the eye, containing the receptor rods and cones and layers of neurons that begin processing of visual info
  2. b distance from the peak of one light or sound wave to the peak of the next
  3. c nerve cells in the brain that respond to specific features of stimulus, such as shape, angle or movement
  4. d point at which optic nerve leaves the eye, creating a "blind" spot b/c no receptor cells are located there
  5. e the process of interpreting info received from our environment

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  1. info processing guided by higher-level mental processes; construct perceptions and experience expectations
  2. nerve that carries neural impulses from eye to brain
  3. study of relationships b/w physical characteristics of stimuli and our psychological experience of them
  4. central focal pt. in retina, around which eye's cones cluster
  5. principle that, to be percieved as diff., 2 stimuli must differ by constant minimum percentage

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  1. subliminalbelow one's absolute threshold for conscious awareness


  2. difference thresholdminimum stimulation needed to detect a particular stimulus 50% of the time


  3. sensationthe process of interpreting info received from our environment


  4. conesretinal receptor cells near the center of the retina and function in daylight; detect fine detail and give rise to color sensations


  5. absolute thresholdminimum diff. b/w 2 stimuli required for detection 50% of the time