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Newtons Laws

Newtons 1st Law
an object at rest tends to stay at rest. an object in motion tends to stay in motion in a straight line at a constant speed until another force acts on the object
the tendency for an object to resist a chance in motion
AKA newtons 1st law
law of inertia (AKA___)
the distance an object travels per unit of time
Speed formula
distance/time=_____ (((m/s mph)))
speed in a given direction EX: 50mph North
a change in velocity... the rate at which velocity changes.... increasing speed, decreasing speed, or changing direction
Acceleration formula
Final speed- Initial speed/time=______________
slowing down
the amount of matter in an object
a push or a pull on an object
the two things that effect acceleration
mass and force
Increased force=
greater acceleration
Increased mass=
lower acceleration
Newtons Second law
How fast an object picks up speed (accelerates) or slows down (decelerates) depends on the amount of force used and on its mass
Newtons Second law mathematically
F=MA.... Force=Mass * acceleration.... acceleration=force/mass
Newtons Third Law
for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
Average speed formula
total distance/total time=_________
Static Friction
friction that acts on objects at rest
Sliding friction
occurs when objects slide over one another
Rolling Friction
occurs when objects roll over one another
Fluid Friction
occurs as an object moves through a fluid... air resistance