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Ocean Floor Topography Features


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abyssal plain
broad, flat part of the deep-ocean basin (covered by mud and the remains of marine organisms)
continental shelf
area between the shoreline and the continental slope (gradually sloping end of a continent that extends out under water)
continental slope
area between the continental shelf and the continental rise (this ocean floor feature is very steep)
mid-ocean ridge
volcanic mountain chain on the ocean floor-(forms where oceanic curst pulls apart-new oceanic crust forms here)
Submerged volcanic mountains on the ocean floor (volcanic origin at least 1,000m high
continental rise
base of the continental slope (made of large piles of sediment)- area located between the continental slope and the deep ocean basin (abyssal plain)
ocean trench
huge crack or depression in the ocean floor- (forms at subduction zones- where one oceanic plate is pushed beneath a continental plate or another oceanic plate)
volcanic island
forms when a seamount builds up above sea level
-seamounts that extend up out of the ocean- ( Seamounts that are exposed at the surface of the ocean)
a system for the detection of objects under water and for measuring the water's depth by emitting sound pulses and detecting or measuring their return after being reflected.
a major advance in ocean-flooring mapping; SOund NAvigation and Ranging
rift valley
long, narrow depression that forms when continental crust begins to separate at a divergent boundary
A large, flat-topped seamount resulting from erosion of an island volcano when it was above sea level.