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Steven Johnson pointed out that it wasn't the calendar that created the need for accurate time keeping but something else. What was the something else and how did that creae the need for accurate time?
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Galileo - was in the cathedral and observed a latern swaying back and forth. He counted the time it took to sway back and forth with his pulse and realized that it took the same amount of time to swing back and forth no matter how high or low it went up. He was interested in astronomy at first. He found out there was a prize being awarded, so he makes the penjulum clock.
How did we get here from there? What things did James Cook take advantage of? (12 things come before James Cook that he uses, then 2 things come after that help the rest of sailing)1. Lateen sail - China/Greece 1st BCE 2. Sternpost rudder - Hand 3. Compass - Han - Song 4. Map making - progressing throughout to Cook 5. Keel - Song 6. Ocean winds (monsoons, trade), currents (gyres) 7. Bilge pumps 8. Sea worthy hulls - Europeans 9. Tycho Brahe - star charting, ~ 1600 - Latitude 10. Telescope - 1608 11. Mural Arc 1689 - Flamsteed (1646-1719) 12. Harrison's time piece - Longitude (1693-1776) 13. - James Cook puts it altogether - (1728-1779) 14. 1775 - James Watt Steam Engine 15. 1807 - Robert Fulton's steamboat on the Mississippi