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  1. batteries, jelly, sweet and low, ketchup, and coke.
  2. 10,000
  3. Organic materials, food and yard scraps
  4. Mature compost that has reached a stable level and will not break any farther. (the end goal)
  5. lengthy and important to give materials time to decompose. The key is to add easy decomposing materials, adding worms and grinding materials.
    May take between 3-6 months.
  6. Process by which organic material breaks down into simpler matter.

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  1. LeachateA liquid extracted from compost that contains nutrients.


  2. CompostOrganic(contains carbon) material that can be used as a soil addictive.


  3. Moisturewarm and moist environment. too much water may block air passage.


  4. In the 1970s the top 5 beef packers controlled only about 25% of the market. Today the top 4 control more than...% of the market.47,000


  5. Barbura Kowalcyk's son died fromecoli from a hamburger