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  1. warm and moist environment. too much water may block air passage.
  2. Process by which organic material breaks down into simpler matter.
  3. 120-160 degrees fahrenheit and 40-50 degrees celsius, if reaches over 65 degrees celsius then it is too hot
  4. ecoli from a hamburger
  5. Turn pile often
  6. 47,000

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  1. Products that come from cornprotects plants, rich in nutrients, and provides a neutral PH soil structure for plant growth.


  2. HumusMature compost that has reached a stable level and will not break any farther. (the end goal)


  3. MaterialsOrganic materials, food and yard scraps


  4. In the 1970s the top 5 beef packers controlled only about 25% of the market. Today the top 4 control more than...% of the market.80


  5. LeachateA liquid extracted from compost that contains nutrients.