Term 2: Vocabulary - Chapter 1 (KSAU-HS)


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Committed to memory (v)
to learn something so that you remember it
[= memorize, acquired information, learned, memorized]
Differentiate (v)
to recognize or express the difference between things or people [= distinguish]
Performance (n)
how well or badly a person, company, etc. does a particular job or activity
Perform (v)
to do something, especially something difficult or useful [= carry out, achieve, fulfill, accomplish]
Explore (v)
to discuss or think about something carefully [= look at, inquire into]
Adjust (v)
to gradually become familiar with a new situation [= adapt]
Challenge (n)
something that tests strength, skill, or ability, especially in a way that is interesting [= difficulty]
Secret (n)
known about by only a few people and kept hidden from others [↪ secrecy]
Discipline (n)
the ability to control your own behavior, so that you do what you are expected to do[= self-control]
Global (adj)
[= worldwide, universal]
Clue (n)
a piece of information that helps you solve an answer, a question etc. [= hint, key]
a disadvantage of a situation, plan, product etc.[= disadvantage]
Status (n)
your social or professional rank or position, considered in relation to other people[= social position, rank, class]
Determine (v)
to officially decide something[= decide]
Reflect (v)
to show or be a sign of a particular situation or feeling[= show]
Cause (v)
[= lead to]
Assessment (n)
a process in which you make a judgment about a person or situation, or the judgment you make[= judgment, evaluation, appraisal]
Assess (v)
to make a judgment about a person or situation after thinking carefully about it [= judge, evaluate, appraise]
Collect (v)
to get things of the same type from different places and bring them together [= gather]
Competitive (adj)
determined or trying very hard to be more successful than other people or businesses[= challenging]
Compare (v)
to examine or judge two or more things in order to show how they are similar to or different from each other [↪ comparison, comparative][= contrast]
Track (v)
to put schoolchildren in groups according to their ability.

to record or study the behavior or development of someone or something over time [= record]
Occur (v)
to happen or exist in a particular place or situation [= take place, exist, happen]
Identical (adj)
[= exactly the same, or very similar]
Separate (v)
to divide or split into different parts, or to make something do this [= divide, split]
Clearly (adv)
without any doubt [= obviously, apparently]
Effort (n)
the physical or mental energy that is needed to do something [= work, energy]
[= essential, vital, indispensable]
Goal (n)
[= objective, target, aim]
Common (adj)
happening often and to many people or in many places [= pervasive, widespread, prevalent]
Exhaustion (n)
[= extreme tiredness, fatigue]
A great deal of (n)
a large quantity of something [= a lot]
Stress (n)
continuous feelings of worry about your work or personal life, that prevent you from relaxing [↪ strain]
Seem (v)
to appear to exist or be true, or to have a particular quality [= appear, look, sound]
Worry (v)
to be anxious or unhappy about someone or something, so that you think about them a lot[= fret]
Ranking (n)
a position on a scale that shows how good someone or something is when compared with others [= position]
Profession (n)
a job that needs a high level of education and training [= career, job, occupation, vocation # vacation]
Bright (adj)
intelligent and able to learn things quickly [= clever, intelligent]
In contrast (to/with) (n)
a difference between people, ideas, situations, things, etc. that are being compared [ contrast = gap, disparity]
Curriculum (n)
plural curricula, the subjects that are taught by a school, college, etc., or the things that are studied in a particular subject
Suggest (v)
[= recommend]
Entire (adj)
used when you want to emphasize that you mean all of a group, period of time, amount etc. [= whole, complete]
Refer (v)
to mention or speak about someone or something [= mention]
Fit (v)
[= convenient, suit]
Values (n)
your ideas about what is right and wrong, or what is important in life [morals, ethics, standards]
Perfect (adj)
exactly what is needed for a particular purpose, situation, or person [= ideal]
Magic (adj)
a special ability to make things work well or to make people happy
Isolated (adj)
n isolated building, village etc. is far away from any others [= remote]
Accomplishment (n)
something successful or impressive that is achieved after a lot of effort and hard work [= achievement, performance, fulfillment]
Homogeneous (adj)
consisting of people or things that are all of the same type [↪ heterogeneous][= uniform, similar]
Heterogeneous (adj)
consisting of parts or members that are very different from each other [≠ homogeneous]~ heterogeneity [= different, assorted]
Diversity (n)
a range of different people, things, or ideas [= variety]
Major (adj)
very large or important, when compared to other things or people of a similar kind [≠ minor][considerable, huge, enormous, vast, giant, immense]
Ethnic (adj)
relating to a particular race, nation, or tribe and their customs and traditions [= racial]
Effective (adj)
successful, and working in the way that was intended [≠ ineffective][=efficient, productive]
Province (n)
one of the large areas into which some countries are divided, and which usually has its own local government
Passion (n)
a very strong belief or feeling about something [= emotion, feeling, affliction]
Exploration (n)
when you try to find out more about something by discussing it, thinking about it etc. [~ explore (v)]
Map out (v)
to plan carefully how something will happen [= plan]
Desirable (adj)
something that is desirable is worth having or doing [= attractive]
Requirement (n)
something that someone needs or asks for [= necessity, need]
Wide (adj)
including or involving a large variety of different people, things, or situations [= broad][x narrow]
Interest (v)
to make someone want to pay attention to something and find out more about it [= fascinate]
Famous (adj)
known about by many people in many places [= well-known, noted, eminent]
Transition (n)
when something changes from one form or state to another [= shift, movement]
Exciting (adj)
making you feel happy, interested, or hopeful because something good has happened or will happen [= thrilling]
Deal with (v)
to take the necessary action, especially in order to solve a problem [= handle]
Combination (n)
[= mixture]
Balance (v)
to consider the importance of one thing in relation to something else when you are making a decision
Wise (adj)
wise decisions and actions are sensible and based on good judgment [= sensible, rational, reasonable]
Limit (v)
to stop an amount or number from increasing beyond a particular point [= restrict]
Due (adj)
expected to happen or arrive at a particular time
Hand out (v)
to give something to each person in a group [= distribute]
Immediately (adv)
without delay [= at once, promptly]
Master (adj)
[= most important, main]
Cram (v)
to prepare yourself for an examination by learning a lot of information quickly
Essential (adj)
extremely important and necessary [= indispensable, vital]
Rise (v)
to increase in number, amount, or value [= go up; ≠ fall]
Tuition (n)
the money you pay for being taught [= fees]
Component (n)
one of several parts that together make up a whole machine, system etc. [= constituent, ingredient, segment]
Afford (v)
to have enough money to buy or pay for something
Financial aid (n)
money given or lent to students at college or university to pay for their education
Aid (n)
help, such as money or food, given by an organization or government to a country or to people who are in a difficult situation [= assist, help]
Scholarship (n)
an amount of money that is given to someone by an educational organization to help pay for their education [= grant]
Rate (n)
a charge or payment that is set according to a standard scale
Loan (n)
an amount of money that you borrow from a bank etc.
Huge (adj)
extremely large in size, amount, or degree [= enormous, vast, giant, colossal]
Troublesome (adj)
causing problems, in an annoying way
Depression (n)
a feeling of sadness that makes you think there is no hope for the future [= sadness]
Serious (adj)
a serious situation, problem, accident etc. is extremely bad or dangerous [ = dangerous, severe]
Counseling (n)
advice and support given by a counselor to someone with problems, usually after talking to them
Counsel (v)
to advise someone [= advise]
Advisor (n)
someone whose job is to give advice because they know a lot about a subject, especially in business, law, or politic [= counselor, consultant]
Achieve (v)
to successfully complete something or get a good result, especially by working hard [= accomplish, fulfill, carry out, perform]
Focus (v)
to give special attention to one particular person or thing, or to make people do this [= concentrate, highlight]