Archaeology #2

A study of the past
The history of humans before the development of writing
Modern archaeology
A modern science which uses careful archaeological methods and observations
Classic archaeology
An earlier view of archaeological finds when gold and other riches were the focus for archaeological digs
The oldest form of scientific dating - tree ring dating
The surroundings in which an artifact is found in
In site
The natural or original location on artifact was found in
Aerial photography
Photographs taken from the air or high altitude witch may reveal signs of ancient towns, roads, tombs, and monuments both above and below the ground
A dig
A carefully planned and organized investigation
Underwater dig
locating and excavating underwater remains; archaeologists go underwater to search for important objects; sometimes called marine archaeology
Rescue dig
archaeologists try to gather as much information as possible in a short time to rescue artifacts from a site
The set of learned beliefs, values and behaviors generally shared by members of a society
Cultural relativism
Studying other cultures without making judgments about them
The attitude that one's traditions, customs, language, and values are the only right and proper way and that other cultures are inadequate or wrong