16 terms

Ser and Estar verbs

ser aburrido/a
to be boring
estar aburrido/a
to be bored
ser bonito/a
to be pretty
estar bonito/a
to look (to appear) pretty
ser bueno/a
to be good (characteristic)
estar bueno/a
to be fresh (food); to taste good; to be good (condition)
ser divertido/a
to be funny/enjoyable
estar divertido/a
to be amused
ser guapo/a
to be handsome/pretty
estar guapo/a
to look handsome/pretty
ser listo/a
to be intelligent/bright
estar listo/a
to be ready
ser malo/a
to be bad or evil (people and animals); to be of poor quality or useless (things)
estar malo/a
to be sick; to be spoiled
ser vivo/a
to be outgoing/lively
estar vivo/a
to be alive