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__ is a procedure that involves the scraping of cells from the tip of the cervix.

pap test

A muscle tissue that shoes no striation is a __.

smooth muscle tissue

A __ is a cell that responds to injury, divides to produce daughter cells, and differentiates into other cell types.

mesenchymal stem cell

Functions of the epithelial:

forms the surface of the skin and line the digestive, respiratory, reproductive, and urinary tracks.

Function of the simple epithelium:

layer of cell that covers the basal lamina; reduces the time required for material to cross the epithelial barrier.

Stratified cuboidal epithelium is found:

along the ducts of sweat glands and in the larger ducts of the mammary glands.

Membrane that line cavities that communicate with the exterior of the body is __.

mucous membrane or mucosae

the dominate fiber type in dense connective tissue is __.


__ is the type of epithelium found most often often were secretion and absorption takes place.

simple columnar epithelium.

What do germinative cells do?

divide continually to produce new epithelial cells

The heart and blood vessels are lined by __.

simple squamous epithelium

White fat is found in __ while brown fat is found in __.

adults; infants

Two types of desmosomes are __ and __.

CAMs; proteoglycans

Tissues that provide strength and support for areas subjected to stress from many directions are __.

dense irregular connective tissue

What organ reveals a lining of several layers of cells?


Glands that secrete hormones or tissue fluids into the blood are called __.

endocrine glands

A term that refers to a reversible change in the normal shape, size, and organization of tissue cells is __.


Watery perspiration is an example of __ secretion.


Fibers connective tissue (components) are produced by:

fibroblasts; 3 kinds of connective tissue fibers: collagenous, elastic, and reticular.

The tissues that always has a free and external environment are __.

epithelial tissues

All of the following are true of neurons except:

they are a very specialized form of connective tissue

Microscopic examination of a tissue reveals an open frame work of fibers with large volume of fluid, ground substance, and elastic fibers, this tissue probably came from __.

connective tissue

dense connective tissue, examples


Transitional epithelium is found:

lining the urinary bladder

dense connective tissue, forms capsules that surround organs


__ attaches to skeletal muscles to bones and __ connect one bone to another.

tendons; ligaments

Endocrine glands empty products into __ and referred to as __ while exocrine glands empty into __?

interstitial fluid; ductless; ducts

Type of epithelium that lines internal body compartments and blood vessels is __.

simple squamous epithelium

Four basic types of tissues found in the body are:

epithelium, muscle, connective, nervous

pseudostratified epithelium lines __?


Three types of connective tissue are:

connective tissue proper, fluid connective tissues, and supporting connective tissues.

Epithelial cells exhibit modifications that adapt them to ?


The serious membrane lining abdominal cavity is __.


Tissue that is specialized for conduction of electrical impulses is __.

neural tissue

Epithelial that specializes for providing smell, taste, sight, and hearing is known as __.


Proteoglycan reinforce and hold together dead skin cells by filaments, strong connections are called __.


Groups of cells united by junction complexities and interlocking membranes, lack blood vessels

epithelial tissues

Cells that store fat are __.


Cell membrane attaches a cell to another cell through __.


Cells specialized for secretion:

exhibit polarity

Type of tissue provides structural support for other tissues are __.

glial cells

Type of secretion in which some cytoplasm is lost with the product is __.


Basic shape of epithelial cells include all of the following except __.


Ttissue changes with age and includes all of the following:


Endothylin is the lining for __.


Characteristics of epithelia include:

avascularity, regeneration, attachment, and polarity

Chondroitin sulfate is found in the matrix of __.


Secretion discharge on the surface provide __ while those discharges in surrounding fluid act as __.

enzymes; hormones

Adhesion occurs when:

serious membranes are damaged

Two classes of macrophages include __ macrophages and __ macrophages.

fixed; free

The tissue specialized for contraction is __ tissue.


Study of shed cells for medical purpose is __.

exfoliative cytollogy

Cartilage is separated from surrounding tissue by __.

fibrous perienondrium

Most common type of cartilage is __.


Cells that account for almost half of the volume of blood is __.


The pancreas produces __ and ___ secretions.

exocine; endocrine

The primary tissue type is:


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