Europe:Physical Notes

World Geography, unit 3
How big is Europe?
half the size of the u.s
What are the 5 Peninsula of Europe?
iberian, jutland, scandinavian, italian, balkan
What are the 3 physical regions of Europe?
south=high rugged mtns
What are the major rivers of Europe?
thames, sienne, po, tiber
Where are the Pyrenees mountains?
border of france + spain
How many languages are spoken Europe?
over 50
What is the largest group of non- Christians?
What was the Holocaust?
nazi extermination of over 6 mil. jews
What type of goverment do all European countries have?
What is the Euro Dollar?
currency adopted that can be used as common form of money in all union countries
What was the Cold War?
war of ideas and political war