25 terms


Site License
A license permitting a customer to make multiple copies of a piece of software
American Standard Code for Information Interchange. This is a common binary code in use today; a coding scheme using 7-bit characters to represent data characters
Tab Settings
Right and left margin and "ruler settings" in a word processing program that designate the horizontal positions where the cursor should align when the tab key on the keyboard is depressed
A chip in a microcomputer that contains the arithmetic/logic and control functions. The speed of a microprocessor is in gigahertz
User Friendly
Refers to software that is easy for a novice to use
A generic, multi-user, time-sharing operating system developed in 1971 at Bell Labs
Light Pen
A graphics input device that allows the user to interact directly with the computer screen
Mail Merge
A word processing function that enables users to merge the variable information (such as name and address information) of one file with the standard information of a memo, letter, or other document stored in a second file
A personal computer that closely imitates the operation and architecture of the IBM Personal Computer
Source Document
Original paper containing data to be prepared as input to a computer
Output Devices
Devices, such as printers that make processed information available for use
Peripheral Equipment
Hardware equipment that surrounds the CPU and frequently are physically attached to it
The first electronic spreadsheet for personal computers
RGB Monitor
Refers to red, green, and blue colors which are used to produce color video images on the video screen
Zoom (window)
A software option that allows users to expand the size of a display window, thereby revealing more detailed graphics images or written information onscreen
Artificial Intelligence
The study and use of computers to replicate or improve upon such intelligent human thought processes as reasoning or learning
Instructions that tell a computer what to do
Operating System
A set of programs through which a computer manages its own resources
Of or pertaining to a system of numerical notation to the base 2, in which each place of a number, expressed as 0 or 1, corresponds to a power of 2. It is used by practically all computers because of its ease of implementation using digital electronics and Boolean algebra
Data Input Screen
A template or model that is used to enter data for a programming application
Uploading Data
To transfer data, usually from a peripheral computer or device to a central, often remote computer
Data Encryption
The process of translating communicated data into secret codes in order to safeguard this data
Video Graphics
Computer-produced animated graphics
Clarity of a video display screen or on the printed page
Search and Replace
A word processing function that finds and changes each instance of a repeated item