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Classics 30 Word Roots Greek and Latin Word List of key terms and new words from Unit One


variant forms of morphemes


break down (break down words made up of 2 morphemes)


German tribes invaded Britain (Angles, Saxons, Jutes) -> then spoke Anglo-Saxon from 400-1000 CE


morpheme to which a prefix is added


words that are derived from Latin or Greek or other languages

content word

words usually derived from Greek or Latin; has a clear, concrete definition


borrowed word

empty morpheme

has no clear meaning


origin of the word

full morpheme

a meaning can be assigned to it

function word

short words which serve as cement to hold the content words together; difficult to provide meaning for many of these words

intensifying morpheme

makes the word stronger

Middle English

1100-1500 CE; begins with end of Norman Conquest (1000 CE)


minimum units of meaning within a word


no longer in use

Old English

aka Anglo-Saxon (400-1100 CE); greatly influenced by Norse (Vikings) language; derived from German invading tribes


morpheme that comes at the front of a word


the way a language is put together


morpheme at end of a word

word order

structure depends on function words (by, the, with, and, etc) and word order (to give context/specific meaning)

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