Fire Officer I: Chapter 5

Which of the following MOST accurately describes a principle to follow when making an informative speech?
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Assigning tasks and career counseling are actions BEST described as:daily oral communication with the crew.The primary types of formal speeches and presentations for company officers include persuasive, instructional, and:informative.The appearance and quality of a written document are important for conveying:credibility.Which type of radio is normally operated at a jurisdiction's telecommunications center but can be scaled down for incident command posts?Base radio____ is considered one of the five Cs of radio communication.CapabilityA memo or e-mail with consistent format and concise/accurate content presents a(an) ____ of the writer.strong professional imageWhich of the following would be considered optimal in radio communications?A line-of-sight between transmitter and receiverWhich communication method is a radio-operated device that allows a station to transmit dispatch information, patient status updates, and other confidential messages?Mobile data terminalThe first step that a company officer should follow in writing any document is to determine:audience, scope, and purpose.Memos and emails are considered to be:public record.Which of the following provides the MOST accurate description for the role of a public information officer (PIO) in an organization?Answers media questions on large incidentsCommunications ____ is considered MOST vital to implementation of the National Incident Management System (NIMS).interoperabilityWhich of the following BEST describes what an informative speech is used for?Providing unit-level trainingPoise and personal appearance can BEST be described as:nonverbal components of communication.Which of the following provides the MOST accurate definition of interference?Anything that may prevent the receiver from completely understanding the messageFocusing on the speaker while ignoring any other distractions is a description of which listening component?AttendingWhich of the following listening components describes decoding a message and assigning meaning to it?UnderstandingWhich of the following types of narrative reports states the problem, provides a variety of solutions, and recommends the best solution based on available criteria?RecommendationWhich of the following is considered one of the five general purposes for interpersonal communication?InfluencingWhich of the following elements of communication BEST describes the person who initiates the message?SenderWhich of the following elements of communication BEST describes the person who initiates the message?Sender