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Where did the first animals evolve?
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Which of the following is a true statement about all animals?eat other organismsWhat does the "Cambrian explosion" refer to?a period of rapid diversification of animal formsAll of the following are true about vertebrates EXCEPTthe skeletal elements are hardened by the presence of calciumWhich of the following fish species has rod-shaped bones that are similar to amphibian limb bones?lobe-finned fishesAll of the following adaptations enhance a bird's ability to fly EXCEPT?teethWhich of the following mammal groups lays eggs?monotremesWhat is the primary function of hair in mammals?insulationWhen does Homo sapiens first appear in the fossil record?200 thousand years agoWhen do the first bipedal hominins first appear in the fossil record?3.2 million years agoAnimals are all of the following EXCEPTautotrophsWhich domain do animals belong?eukaryaWhat feature is characteristic of cnidarians (e.g. jellyfish) that distinguishes it from other animal phyla?radial symmetryAll of the following adaptations distinguish bony fishes from cartilaginous fishes EXCEPTjawsWhich of the following adaptations to terrestrial life is uniquely found among some amphibians?moist skinAll of the following organisms have mammary glands EXCEPT?crocodilewhere did Homo sapiens originate?AfricaWhich of the following hominin species very likely interbred with Homo sapiens?Homo neanderthalenisWhat feature do sponges LACK that members of all other animal phyla have?body symmetryWhat feature distinguishes all other animal phyla from sponges and cnidarians (e.g. jellyfish)?bilateral symmetryWhich of the following is an example of a group of invertebrate chordates?tunicatesWhich of the following is an adaptation only found among cartilaginous fishes?electrosensorsAll of the following describe the first mammals EXCEPTtheir embryos developed in the mother's pouch