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18 terms

American Football

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Tailgate Party
Party before the game in the parking lot
people at the game
Gate Number
Where you enter to go to your seat
building where the game is played
where you sit at the big game
Football Field
place where the game is played
the people who play the game
they decide the rules of the game
where you can see the current score
Goal Area at the ends of the fields. Often shows the team name.
Goal posts
Uprights are vertical. Crossbar is horizontal.
20 Yard line
where play starts after the ball is kicked into the end zone
Marching band
they play music for the fans
Goal! 6 points for crossing the line.
Field Goal
Kick the ball through the uprights -- Goal -- 3 points
Coin Toss
Throw a coin to start the game
Kick Off
Start the game by kicking the ball to the other team.
Force the other player's body, knee, or elbow to the ground.

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