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We had to _____ the music department from our school because we didn't have enough to pay for music AND a new computer lab.


Those _____ neighbors just put a diving board on their roof, but they don't have a pool!


Johnny learned the hard way that the spider webs in Costa Rica arent's so _____ as the ones in his garage, when his face became stuck between two trees.


America had a(n) _____ view of international trade until we realized that we can get Nike shoes from China for pennies.


I wanted to _____ the accusation that I wasn't working hard enough, but I knew it was true.


Most _____ students find this site at some point or another and can work hard with this site to boost their GPA, not to mention their vocabulary!


Most people claim that they can sense your _____ by looking into a crystal ball, but I think they're just reading your facial expressions.


The run-down houses sold at very low prices, but this _____ real estate was hardly worth the investment.


Her curly hair was so _____ that when I tugged on it, it bounced right back to its original curl!


He had to _____ his work at the soup kitchen to make it sound like he spent every free minute working there, although he only worked there one hour a month.


Some called him a _____ meanie, but his foul mouth was the funniest part about him!


Eyewitnesses claim the blob that's attacking our small town has a(n) _____ shape that can best be described as... Well... A blob.


Knives and guns are _____ in school because if teachers aren't allowed to have them, students shouldn't be allowed to have them either.


We heard something _____ the word "Ricola" all over the valley, resounding from high to low.


Albert Einstein is known for being a(n) _____ person because he was no dummy.


The mother had to _____ the child for accepting candy from the stranger because the child had to learn not to do that anymore.


The _____ kid did nothing but complain the whole trip there, so I complained about him to his mother the whole tip back.


Texas state law allows the _____ punishment of the death penalty, a decision that you can't reverse once the punishment is carried out.


The _____ lady was so easy to talk to, everyone in the room was lining up to hang out with her.


Fat Edna doesn't have an eating disorder, she just has a ~ for eating Ho-Ho's.


The hamburglar is the ~ of a villain, with the prison stripes and the criminal mask.


He knew that the crime was committed by a man with a hook for an arm and an eye patch, so he did ~ that it was a pirate.

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