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author of Mark

John Mark of Jerusalem

author of Matthew


author of Luke

doctor, well-educated, Gentile Christian, wealthy

author of John

followes of the Beloved Apostle

audience of Mark

Gentile Christians, Church in Rome

audience of Matthew

Jewish Christians

audience of Luke

Gentile Christians, well-to-do Christians

audience of John

all Christians for all time

date written of Mark


date written of Matthew


date written of Luke


date written of John


purpose of Mark

encourage persecuted Church of Rome; suffering is a part of being Christian

purpose of Matthew

Jesus was a good Jew; Jesus is the Messiah

purpose of Luke

can be good Christians and good citizens; better understanding of faith and its roots

purpose of John

presents Jesus as Divine Son of God

themes of Mark

humanity of Jesus; Hidden Messiah

themes of Matthew

Jesus is fulfillment of God's promises; compares Jesus to Moses

themes of Luke

Christian message is for everyone; Jesus' mercy and compassion

themes of John

divinity of Jesus; ascending and descending; light and dark

main idea of Mark

human Jesus

main idea of Luke

Jesus as compassionate Savior

main idea of Matthew

Jesus as Messiah of Jews

main idea of John

Jesus as the Divine Son of God

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