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strong nations trying to create empires by dominating weaker nations


Greatest Imperialists, England, France,

Central America

became known as the "Banana republic"

Alfred Mahani

wrote the book "The Influence of Sea Powers upon History"

Social Darwinism

belief in Imperialism b/c they believed it was destiny ans a noble pursuit.


??????? used the Monrow Doctrine to tell England to stay out of Venezuelan affairs


settlement of disputes by a person or panel chosen to listen to both sides and decide


put down the rebellion in Cuba.


Intense burst of national pride and desire for an aggressive foreign policy

USS Maine

exploded in a harbor in China

Dupuy de Lome

Spanish ambassador said that Pres. McKinley was a weak leader


Philipines attacked first and ?????? destroyed the whole Spanish Naval fleet


New York World paper


New York Morning Journal


led his cavalry

Rough Riders

Roosevelt's cavalry

San Juan Hill

captured by Roosevelt in Cuba

John Hay

"A Splendid Little War"


Hay-Bunau-????? Treaty

10 Mill

U.S signed treaty and got 10 mile tract to build the Panama canal for ????

25 mill

U.S. eventually paid ???? more

Roosevelt corollary

"An International Police Power"

the Russo

Roosevelt gets Noble Peace Prize for making countries enter a peace agreement.

Will Taft

"Dollar Diplomacy"


U.S. had good relations with ????? but he was forced to resign


became Pres. after Diaz


became leader and was overthrown by a revolutionary named "Poncho Villa"


Raided Americans in America


sent in Gen. John "Black Jack" Pershing

John Pershing

sent in to capture villa


when another race considers themselves superior

Robert Baden-Powell

set up the Boy Scouts

Juliette Low

Founded the Girl Scouts

Speak softly and carry a big stick

Roosevelt's slogan

Open Door Policy

U.S policy where we asked European powers to allow = access to the Chinese consumer

Spears of Influence

areas of economic and political control

Leonard Woods

U.S. leader in Cuba after the war


secret Chinese Org. that led a rebellion against foreigners in China

Pago Pago

the major harbor that caved under U.S. control


a pineapple planter that removed the Queen


Queen removed from power by Dole


discovered the cure for Yellow Fever

Emilio Aguinaldo

a rebel that lead the Philipine troops against the U.S.

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