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  1. rip van winkle and legend of sleepy hollow
  2. poe
  3. jonathan oldstyle
  4. bryant
  1. a stories included in 'sketchbook'
  2. b his stepfather got him into west point. he went AWOL.
  3. c pseudonym used by irving when he wrote for the 'morning chronicle'
  4. d "man, by dying, becomes one with nature."

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  1. practiced law 9 years
  2. "once upon a midnight dreary, while i pondered, weak and weary."
  3. poes techniques of writing
  4. he gained infamous fame for "the raven"
  5. writers during the age of romanticism in england

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  1. sketchbookirving's first book to gain acceptance in US and england and icludes 'rip van winkle' and the 'legend of sleepy hollow'


  2. poehe was adopted by john allan of richmond VA


  3. poewrote the leatherstocking tales


  4. bryantused hudson river valley setting and old dutch families as characters


  5. bryantpoetry that contains a definate meter but does not rhyme