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  1. poe
  2. alliteration
  3. bryant
  4. holmes
  1. a he gained infamous fame for "the raven"
  2. b first american poet to achieve lasting fame
  3. c first doctor to use anesthesia... member of the brahmins
  4. d repetition of consanant sounds

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  1. "prophet!", said I, "thing of evil- prophet still, if bird or devil!"
  2. interRUPT.... 3 syllables, 1st 2 unaccented and 3rd accented
  3. part owner of the new york evening post for 49 years
  4. his father abandoned his family when he was and infant. his mom died 2 years later of TB
  5. leatherstocking tales included _______, _____________, __________, __________, and the ___________.

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  1. bryantpoetry that contains a definate meter but does not rhyme


  2. iambicBEAUtiful... 3 syllables, 1st accented and 2nd and 3rd unaccented


  3. poepoetry that contains neither a meter nor rhyme


  4. poehe saw the brahmins as the dictators of literature


  5. personificationpeople felt sympathy for this man because of his burns from attempting to save his wife in a fire... member of the brahmins