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  1. iambic
  2. personification
  3. bryant
  4. blank verse
  5. bronte sisters and charles dickens
  1. a giving an object human characteristics
  2. b bryant translated the iliad and the odyssey into ______________.
  3. c beGIN... 2 syllables, 1st unaccented and 2nd accented
  4. d writers during the age of romanticism in england
  5. e practiced law 9 years

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  1. first american poet to achieve lasting fame
  2. bryant was known as the ______ poet
  3. 2nd novel was 'the spy'
  4. interRUPT.... 3 syllables, 1st 2 unaccented and 3rd accented
  5. he married his 13 year old cousin virginia clemm

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  1. natty bumppofirst american hero created by cooper was __________.


  2. classicismliterature from 1800 to 1840


  3. bryantamerica's 'nature poet'


  4. rhymedhe was in literary wars with the Brahmins


  5. bryant"to him who in the love of nature holds communion with her visible forms, she speaks a various language."


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