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  1. irving
  2. rip van winkle and legend of sleepy hollow
  3. bryant
  4. cooper
  5. rhymed, blank, free
  1. a used hudson river valley setting and old dutch families as characters
  2. b first major american novelist
  3. c 3 types of poetry
  4. d stories included in 'sketchbook'
  5. e "he who, form zone to zone, guides through the boundless sky thy certain flight, in the long way that i must tread alone, willl lead my steps aright."

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  1. supported abolitionists and the emancipation of slaves
  2. bryant translated the iliad and the odyssey into ______________.
  3. writers during the age of romanticism in america
  4. BEAUtiful... 3 syllables, 1st accented and 2nd and 3rd unaccented
  5. "prophet!", said I, "thing of evil- prophet still, if bird or devil!"

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  1. poehe wrote for southern literary messenger and was dismissed for drinking


  2. bryantwrote 'history of new york' with pseudonym diedrich knickerbocker


  3. irving1st serious essayist


  4. poepoetry that contains neither a meter nor rhyme


  5. jonathan swift and daniel defoepseudonym used by irving when he wrote for the 'morning chronicle'