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  1. bronte sisters and charles dickens
  2. bryant
  3. poe
  4. longfellow
  5. new york evening post
  1. a his stepfather got him into west point. he went AWOL.
  2. b writers during the age of romanticism in england
  3. c "he who, form zone to zone, guides through the boundless sky thy certain flight, in the long way that i must tread alone, willl lead my steps aright."
  4. d bryant was part owner of the ______________ for 49 years
  5. e people felt sympathy for this man because of his burns from attempting to save his wife in a fire... member of the brahmins

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  1. supported andrew jackson
  2. he wrote for southern literary messenger and was dismissed for drinking
  3. poetry that contains neither a meter nor rhyme
  4. pause in a line of poetry for the sake of emphasis
  5. his final literary work, Eureka, was considered the key to understanding his work

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  1. poefirst novel was 'precaution' which was not good at all


  2. the pioneers, last of the mohicans, the prairie, the pathfinder, and the deerslayerwriters during the age of classicism in england


  3. jonathan oldstylepseudonym used by irving when he wrote for the 'morning chronicle'


  4. poepoetry that contains neither a meter nor rhyme


  5. brahminsmen of the highest ranking in literature