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  1. romanticism
  2. poe
  3. longfellow
  4. symbolism
  5. holmes
  1. a first doctor to use anesthesia... member of the brahmins
  2. b literature from 1800 to 1840
  3. c people felt sympathy for this man because of his burns from attempting to save his wife in a fire... member of the brahmins
  4. d he was adopted by john allan of richmond VA
  5. e allowing something to represent something else

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  1. he won a prize for "gold bug"
  2. what does Thanatopsis mean?
  3. stories included in 'sketchbook'
  4. editor of the atlantic monthly... member of the brahmins
  5. poetry that contains neither a meter nor rhyme

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  1. dactylicBEAUtiful... 3 syllables, 1st accented and 2nd and 3rd unaccented


  2. bryantwas responsible for making blank verse popular


  3. poe2nd novel was 'the spy'


  4. the pioneers, last of the mohicans, the prairie, the pathfinder, and the deerslayerleatherstocking tales included _______, _____________, __________, __________, and the ___________.


  5. assonance, alliteration, repetition, single effect, imagery, allusionpoes techniques of writing