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The term used to refer to the communications, religion, values and ideologies, education, and social structure of a nation is the
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A domestic firm that has leveraged its existing capabilities to penetrate overseas markets is a(n) __________ corporation.internationalA task force has been created at KyoTek to explore the possibility of entering into various international markets. As part of this team, Emma is responsible for analyzing the maturity of manufacturing equipment, information systems, and intellectual property in the targeted regions. Emma is researching __________ factors.technologicalA compensation method used to correct for the higher costs of goods and services overseas is the balance sheet approach.trueCompanies tend to continue to use expatriates only when a specific skillset is needed or when individuals in the host country require development.trueNearly all companies have career development programs designed for repatriating employees.falseIn using the balance sheet approach to compensating expatriate managers, the term "incentives" refers to the concept ofcompensating the managers for separation from family and friends.Even after a few years overseas, Melanie continues to experience a disorientation that causes perpetual stress, more commonly known asculture shockPoor cultural fit is a major reason why international job assignments fail.trueWhich of the following is a major reason for failure among expatriates?a spouse's inability to adaptAmong the biggest problems for expatriates and foreign business travelers iscommunicationThe first step in selecting individuals for an international assignment isself-selectionA domestic firm, like Honda, General Electric, or Procter & Gamble, that builds on existing capabilities to penetrate overseas markets is a(n) __________ corporation.internationalMarissa wants to get a job overseas. In order to do so, she will need to obtain a(n) __________ from the government of the country in which she seeks employmentwork permitThe first step in selecting expatriates should be self-selection, where employees who volunteer to go abroad are given the chance to do so.trueWhich country is more focused upon competition and less on cooperation?the united statesAs part of its program to help overseas workers, ShamRoth includes repatriation tohelp employees make the transition back homeShamRoth is a multinational firm that has kept control of its operations centralized in its the home office. ShamRoth can best be characterized as a(n) __________ corporation.globalHome-country nationals can also be calledexpatriatesXLTek, a German company, operates in South Korea. South Korea is the host country.trueTransnational teams consist of people from the same country working on different international projects.false