Subtest 7: Auto & Shop Information 2022

overheating the engine can cause all of the following problems except:
a. burned engine bearing
b. enlarged pistons
c. melt engine parts
d. improved fuel efficiency
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A primary advantage of the electronic ignition system over conventional ignition systems is that
a. the electronic ignition system is less expensive to repair
b. the electronic ignition system requires a lower voltage to provide a higher voltage for spark
c. the electronic ignition system allows for use of a lower octance fuel
d. all of the above
A car equipped with limited-slip differential a. can be readily put into all wheel b. wont lock up when the brakes are applied steadily c. transfer the most driving force to the wheel with the greatest amount of traction d. is rated for off- road drivingtransfers the most driving force to the wheel with the greatest amount of tractionBig block engine generally have: a. more than 5.9 L of displacement b. better gas mileage than small block engines c. less than 6 L of displacement d. air conditioningmore than 5.9 L of disreplacementA good tool for spreading and/ or shaping mortar would be a: a. cement shaper b. hammer c. trowel d. broomCement shaperPlumb bobs are used to: a. clean pipes b. check vertical reference c. fix the toilet d. carve stonescheck vertical referenceRebar is used to: a. measure the depth of concrete b. reinforce concrete c. stir concrete d. smooth concretereinforce concreteAnnular ring, clout, and spring head are types of: a. hammers b. saws c. nails d. screwdriversNailsa ripsaw cuts: a. against the grain of the wood b. with the grain of the wood c. most materials, including metal d. only plasticwith the grain of the woodA cam belt is also known as a: a. piston b. timing belt c. transmission belt d. lug nuttiming beltTo check for horizontal trueness, the best tool to use is a: a. steel tape rule b. plumb bob c. level d. sliding T- bevellevelA bucking bar is used to: a. pull nails b. pry wood apart c. form rivet bucktails d. drive screwsform rivet bucktailsWashers that have teeth all around the circumference to prevent them from slipping are called: a. shake- proof washers b. jaw washers c. flat washers d. split lock washersShake- proof washersThe tool below measures a. an inside curve b. an outside curve c. the depth of a hole d. the thickness of wirethe thickness of wirethe object below is a type of a. nut b. washer c. scew d. boltnutThe tool below is used to: a. finish concrete b. spread joint compound c. smooth wallpaper d. dress wooddress woodThe chisel used to cut metal is a. no. 1 b. no. 2 c. no. 3 d. no. 4No. 1