bio exam lab 2

prokaryotic cells use internal membranes to make compartments in their cells
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Color Blindness is due to a deficiency ofconesWhat is the snail-shaped structure of the ear that is filled with fluid and ciliacochleaTaste buds are _______ found on the tonguechemoreceptorsThe three small ear bones are called.Malleus, Incus, and StapesA community is a group of the same species in an ecosystemfalseOrganisms can be organized into levels of "who eats who" calledTropic LevelsOrganisms that contest the same resources for survival is calledcompetitionOrganisms that use the sun for their energy production are calledautotropicWhich survivorship type has high mortality rate for their young and few individuals reach old ageType IIICones are photoreceptors responsible for vision in low lightfalseA Symbiotic Relationship is a close long-term relationship between two different organismstrueA Symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit is calledmutualismsome bacteria that grow on plant roots are beneficial and help fix this chemical.nitrogenThe lichen body form that is flat with leaf-like lobes is calledFolioseThe two types of parasitic flatworms areFlukes and Tapeworms