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  1. 1951
  2. Printing Press
  3. post modern
  4. two step flow
  5. 1992
  1. a 1455 changed everything slowly
  2. b year of of 3rd revolution- DIGITAL COMPUTERS
  3. c The year the internet went from GOV to the People
  4. d opposing hierarchy, challenge science
  5. e Media to opinion leaders, opinion leader to friends...replaced the magic bullet theory

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  1. year of 1st revolution- PHONETIC WRITING
  2. people use media to satisfy..turning on tv when alone
  3. most people are less likely to present a view that is opposing to dominant view
  5. ISP

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  1. pre modernopposing hierarchy, challenge science


  2. ratingsnumber of TV on or off compared to # of tvs watching a program


  3. sweepsnumber on TV turned on watching a program


  4. 41average % time with media daily


  5. CATVCommunity Antenna Television-improved reception with difficult landscapes, connected homes to massive antennas, been around as long as broadcast TV