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  1. pictograph
  2. Tim Berners Lee
  3. culture
  4. Phil farnswoth
  5. phonetic writing
  1. a symbol of an object that is used to convey an idea
  2. b SYMBOLS
  3. c responsible for www
  4. d use of symbols to repersent sounds
  5. e invented electronic TV , which first appeared in bars, was considered low class (prowrestling, roller derby)

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  1. how we make meaning and understand reality through media usage
  2. ritual, narrative, shifts n cultural meanings...benz sign as necklace. neither and both
  3. slices up messages and sends through system o various paths, reassembling at it's final destination
  4. NII
  5. media doesn't tell you what to think, but what to think about

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  1. email51% of internet usage is...


  2. 41average % time with media daily


  3. media effectspeople engage in selective exposure and retention; media confirms values


  4. Internet service providerISP


  5. Ray Tomlisoninvented email and @