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  1. Pop culture
  2. pre modern
  3. cognitive dissonance
  4. prime time audiences
  5. 1951
  1. a pollutes the soul and cheapens public life
  2. b what you know is suppose to happen, doesn't. LIGHT SWITCH. discomfort with new info that opposes
  3. c divine and supernatural order
  4. d decreased to 46%
  5. e year of of 3rd revolution- DIGITAL COMPUTERS

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  2. term for when lower income can't access technology
  3. personal characteristics or audience
  5. number on TV turned on watching a program

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  1. telegraph1840 separated communication with transportation


  2. National information infractureNII


  3. Selective ExposureMr. Jones watching FOX news


  4. packet sharinguse of symbols to repersent sounds


  5. modern, I understand because IREASON