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In 1921, just 100 years ago what was the taboo subject?
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This was a famous fire disaster in Boston which inspired the first academic study of human loss?The Cocoanut Grove Lounge FireThis is the emotion that happens upon the realization of a person having committed a breach of contract with another human being?GuiltThis is absolutely the first thing you need to do BEFORE doing any embalming and/or restorative art procedures?Obtain authorization and permissionThis is the technique of restoring tissue which has been damaged by trauma and/or disease?Major restorationThis is the technique of restoration which includes cosmetics, hairdressing, suturing, wax cover-up?Minor restorationThis term describes the era in embalming advancement where the purpose of preserving a dead human being was accomplished in an unspecified, uncontrolled, and unpredictable manner?Pre-scientific embalmingThis has been established as being the earliest and only reason for the attempts to preserve dead human beings?Religious beliefsThis term describes the era in embalming advancement where the purpose of embalming became sufficiently sophisticated to qualify for recognition as an education science and art, and profession?Pro-scientific embalmingBesides formaldehyde as a primary preservative chemical, which other preservative chemical emerged in the 1970's. It was featured in a research study sponsored by Wayne State University and an embalming chemical supply firm?GlutaraldehydeThis is defined as the process of sanitizing and preserving dead human beings to render them safe of handling while retaining naturalness of tissue for funeral ritual and viewing purposes?EmbalmingIn 1897 the pioneer embalming professors, Dr. Elihu Myers and Professor Felix A. Sullivan wrote in their textbook that the practice of embalming was done chiefly for two reasons, what are they?Preservation and sanitationYour greatest asset as a funeral professional is?Be kind, authentic and transparentWhat type of fluid is not considered to be a generally type of embalming fluidJaundice fluidsWhat is the Short-Term Exposure Level (STEL) to formaldehyde?