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Study guide for the Civil War in Louisiana.

Red River Campaign

The Union attempt to capture Shreveport is known as the...


The Southern resource desperately needed by Northern industry.


The victorious side at the Battle of Mansfield.


Lincoln's main naval strategy against the South was...

Mansfield Leavell

The northern-born Confederate general charged with defending New Orleans was...

Benjamin Butler

The first Union general to command the occupation of New Orleans was...


Anticipating the capture of Baton Rouge, the state government of Louisiana relocated to...

Alfred Mouton

The young Acadian Confederate general who gave his life defending north Louisiana in the Red River Campaign.

Thomas Overton Moore

The first Confederate governor of Louisiana was...


The Union Army ordered that all New Orleans newspapers be...

Andre Cailloux

An African-American Union soldier noted for his bravery.

Native Guard

Around 3,000 free men of color joined the Confederate Army as part of the...

William Mumford

He was executed for hauling down the Union flag.

Frederick Douglass

An abolitionist, he pushed Abraham Lincoln to make the Civil War about ending slavery.


What made up 10% of Louisiana's inhabitants at the beginning of the Civil War?

Benjamin Butler

The Union commander of the occupation of New Orleans was...

Nathaniel Banks

"He replaced ""the Beast"" as the Union Army commander in Louisiana."


The final Confederate capital of Louisiana.

Pleasant Hill

A major battle of the Red River Campaign.

Port Hudson

The last Louisiana stronghold on the Mississippi River was...

David Farragut

The Union admiral that captured New Orleans was...

P. G. T. Beauregard

The victorious Confederate commander at Fort Sumter and Manassas was from Louisiana. His name was...

Jefferson Davis

The President of the Confederacy was...

Henry Watkins Allen

The second Confederate governor of Louisiana was...

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