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early pebble tools and flakes. site Olduvai. basal paleolithic homo habilis


handaxe flakes


Peking man, homo erectus, stone tools found no hand axes


reduction process to create flakes

Lower Paleolithic

olduwan, acheulean, clactonian, control of fire, cold weather adaptations begin, homo habilis, homo erectus


Lower paleolithic, large flakes heavy retouching and notches, homo erectus


suggests that everything after homo erectus is homo sapiens, interbreeding

Out of Africa

widely accepted. two migrations, one by homo erectus, other by homo sapiens, homo erectus evolving into divergent lineages, mitochondrial evidence

Movius line

west stone tools and handaxes, east possible use of wooden tools and flakes


evolutionary dead end

Australopithicus afarensis

1, 4mya, lucy, laetoli footprints

Australopithicus africanus

2, 3mya, taung child

Homo Habilis

3, 2mya

Homo Ergaster

4, 2mya

Homo Erectus

5, 1mya

Homo Hiedelbergensis

6, 1mya, lower paleolithic, Sima de los huesos, first hunters, schoningan spears

Homo Sapiens

7, present day

Homo Neanderthalensis

7, .5mya, first species ever found, mousterian, la chapelle aux saints (represented that they were taking care of elderly & injured) intentional shallow burial, couldnt speak yet, ate meat,

Possible Ancestors

Ardipithicus Ramidus

Australopithicus anemensis


Sima de los huesos

pit of bones, 32 bodies found, 1st burial practice

Middle Paleolithic

Intentional treatment of dead, mouterian, last time one hominin species, used caves


Neanderthals, middle paleolithic, tool assemplages, levallois technique

Shanidar Cave

Iraq, head trauma, healed fractures

Upper paleolithic

migratory hunting and gathering populations, innovation of tools and weapons, compound tools and needles, blades


European AMH, credited with spectacular cave art, lez eyzies france


Levallois technique used, knives with blunt curved backs, stone tools


oldest example of figurative art


Eastern European, mammoth hunting, similar to chatelperronian, may have been using nets


Western Europe, burins and points


Laurel leaf points, soft percussion flaking and retouching, highly specialized


Bone, composite tools

Cave art

Lascaux, western europe, animal and hybrid drawings

Lake mungo

oldest cremation

Kennewick Man

projectile in hip and fractures

Upper Paleolithic

mega fauna dies out

Clovis Culture

Paleoindian occupation found at mega fauna kill sites, fluted points

monte verde

early paleoindian, south america, wood construction, small settlement


Post glacial period, shift to sedentary lifestyle, use of marine resources, nuts and wild grains, intentional change to landscape, canoes appear, cemetaries, increase in violence


storage containers, microlithic tools, pit houses,

Jomon culture

marine resources, evidence of sedentary communities on japan


prehistoric dumps


mesolithic hand scythes used to get grains


domestication, sedentary lifestyle, pottery, social stratification,


herding mobility


subsistence farming, slash and burn


surplus production

Southwest Asia

rye, figs, sheep, cattle, lentils, pigs, cats, barley, wheat, goats, camels


donkeys yams, sorghum wheat, oil palm

East Asia

rice, chickens


squash, maize

South America

squash, beans, chilis, llama, alpaca, peanuts, cotton, manioc, quinoa, potatoes, guinea, white

North America

goosefoot, marsh elder, lamb's quarters, gourds


achieved status, band, tribes



Stratified Inherited


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