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Interview Prep

Do you always keep informed of wider trends and developments that may improve your work? What motivates you to do this?
Strategic Awareness
• Yes all the time I think it's crucial
• Make better decisions
• Spot threat/opportunities competitive edge
• Sales example, customer service
• Enjoyment
Imagine if you are unsuccessful in meeting a deadline, how would you feel? What action would you take?
• Keep a positive mental attitude
• Agreed to take the task despite the deadline because I am the type to person who thrives when his back is against the wall and takes pride and enjoyment in rising to the occasion, I would see it as another obstacle I must overcome as opposed to a complete disaster.

If it's a soft deadline, I would communicate with those affected by my missing of the deadline and try and negotiate some kind of extension and work as hard as I possibly could to meet the new deadline. Not afraid to ask others for help/ seek advice from my manager in order to do this.

If it's a hard deadline that I missed, then I would review the reasons the deadline was missed and learn from my mistakes and immediately put myself forward for the next task in order put these learned lessons into action
Generally speaking, when you are explaining things to others how satisfied are you that they have understood you correctly? Why would you say that?
Always 100% satisfied
If I get the feeling some has misunderstood me I would ask.
I take pleasure in explaining things to others and sharing the knowledge that I have gained and over the years I believe it is a skill that I have developed to a good standard
I would question them on what I have said in a way that is not condescending

Even if they say they have understood when in fact they do not, I will repeat some parts using different language to make sure they understand.

Vary my language according to my audience.

You can tell by their body body language when something has not been completely understood and you find different way of explaining it

For example, when I was in sixth form, I was a volunteer in the school maths clinic and I used to help the youngers kids, used to explain clearly and go through worked examples
Do people come to you when they need to understand complex information or data? Why do you think this happens?
Mental Agility
Yeah all the time, I love explaining things to other people I am the type of the person that gains pleasure in helping other and imparting my knowledge, also I believe that when I am helping others I am helping myself as it only cements my understanding

I am able to break down complex information into chunks

Only two weeks ago, one of my classmates asked me for help with their calculus homework, because I recently switched to the more advanced course I had already covered the material and was able to explaining it to her.
Would others describe you as a team player? Why would they say this?

Yes they certainly would, I and I would say I very much enjoy working as a team. Traits:
Investment Society
IFS student investor challenge
Enjoy working as a team:
Reliable, always complete tasks an dwilling to chip in other areas
Active participant
Listen to others

Young enterprise, was head of finance, and was charged with looking after the company accounts but would still see me helpingout marketing by putting up posters

IFS and investment Society , actively contributed to the team strategy, one person dropped out due to having other committed, I offered to take over his workload

Enjoy working as a team
Do you enjoy building relationships with others? How do you do this successfully?

Relationship Builder
Yes, Enjoy doing so, I think I'm very good at it. I always relish the opportunity to build relationships with others.
I normally try to initiate the dialogue,
Find common ground, something in common, whether it be sport or a certain television show

Then try and find out more about their interests

Exchange emails, numbers, linkedin accounts,

Most importantly it is good to keep in touch once in a while, if an opportunity comes up and I am unable/do not want to take it and I believe that they would be interest I would be sure to let them know about it
Imagine you noticed that a friend was doing something unethical, how would you feel about this? What would you do in this situation?

Moral Compass
I be very disturbed and disappointed. Unethical behaviour if left unchecked becomes the norm, more people start to act unethically. If the person is rewarded as a result of this unethical behaviour, moral could lower in the workplace. Makes people act more recklesessy as they would then begin to believe that unethical behaviour is the only way to get ahead. If it gets out, he or she will be hurting the reputation of the firm Confront the person acting unethically and tell them that this type of behaviour is unacceptable and that I will be informing the manager
How would you feel if you were working within a diverse team of people with different preferences and ways of working? When have you done this recently?

I would relish the prospect, people form diverse backgrounds and different experiences and different ways to approaching this, allows a wider range of opinions to be shared, can learn a lot from people with different backgrounds, see form different perspectives
Each employee in a diverse workplace possesses unique strengths and weaknesses derived from their culture in addition to their individuality

Being exposed to new ideas, cultures and perspectives can help me gain a clearer understanding of the world, removes natural prejudices that people have

Recently: investment fund, during the initial team meeting introducing ourselves at the LSE, everyone came from a different country and had different backgrounds, therefore different views on how stocks should be picked, one person good at presenting, another good at researching
Do you keep up-to-date with developments in the financial services sector? What encourages you to do this?

Knowledge Manager
Yes all the time, subscribed to the economist and as a student at the LSE I have free subscription to the FT. important to keep up to date because the financial sector is such a key industry and it drives all of the other industries in the UK economy Stemmed from when I partook in the IFS student investor challenge news affects markets and after it ended still kept up to date as it's relevant and enjoyable . Investment society. Now it's habitual and I read the news everyday with particualy attention paid to finance, not so much as a task but out of sheer enjoyment
When you are pushing yourself to achieve in your work or academic life, what do you do that others may not? What motivates you to do this?

Naturally driven person, always willing to put in the extra hours, always start early, organised, good time management, not afraid to ask my teachers for help, always actively participating in class.

I like go beyond what is required, I like to read around the subjects I study to bring it to life, and breaking new gronds Motivated because I am a goal driven person, when I set myself a goal I do everything in my power to meet them, and if the arrives that I fall short, I can take solace in the fact that there is nothing more I could have done.
I set high goals because I like to push myself, so I always
I enjoy studying and learning new things, especially at degree level so I see it less as work
What attracts you towards working in the finance industry?

Business Affinity
Work experience Sequoia, learned a lot like the fast paced nature, gained an insight into the financial industry, dynamic, IFS student investor challenge, interested in financial markets, followed the financial crisis was very topical which inspired the interest (speak with passion)
When was the last time you spotted something that wasn't working optimally and improved it?

I was a part of the young enterprise company called 'Endeavour LTD' and we were tasked with creating innovative product to sell on the open market. In the end we came up with the idea of producing a bicycle dynamo (a device which charges your mobile phone while you ride a bike) which we named 'cyclamo'. During one of the meetings we were brainstorming ideas on the best way to market our product and the general consensus was that the product should be aimed at school children and that the head of marketing should visit local schools in the area to try and promote the product. I felt this course of action was unwise because I believed our product to be out of the price range of students and most students do not commute far enough to warrant such a device. I brought my reservations during the meeting and many others agreed with my reasoning, as a result I was tasked with finding a viable alternative by the managing director. At the next meeting, after conducting my own research, I presented my findings which were to instead market our product at bike riding enthusiasts who ride long distances for leisure as they would be more likely to have a need of such a device and they would be more likely to be able to afford it. In the end, the managing director and other members were convinced by the merits of my argument and we changed our approach accordingly.
How do you cope with disappointment have you ever become demoralised?
Cope very well, I'm very resilient is that way, I believe myself to be capable of continuing to keep moving forward despite the bad news and it makes me even more determined to to succeed the next time. I'm the type of person that likes to set goals for myself and they tend the be extremely difficult goals because I aim so high and expect so much from myself, if I fail to meet my goals I'm always there or there or abouts and I seek to learn from my mistakes and try again next time
How do you establish trust and confidence with others? When did you last do this?
Practice what you preach
Be there for someone during the good times and the bad
Listening to other people
Patience and flexibility Boarders concert
Do you often think about the bigger picture in which finance and banking operates? When have you done this recently?
Yes all the time, I think it just happens naturally since finance and banking is so key to the world economy that it just affects different areas. Financial Crisis, companies like General Motors had sever liquidity issues and companies like Woolworths even declared bankruptcy

Recent example, Reading an article in the FT stating that 2014 was a record for merges and acquisitions which is good news for the banking and finance sector, however when firms merge is goes through a period of re-structuring a rationalisation and as a result people lose their jobs.

Or interest rates, ECB quantitative easing, doesn't just mean banks will have more financial assets, It will create inflation and the valiue of savings will fall for household consumerso
How often do you find yourself influencing the thoughts or opinions of others? How do you feel when you do this?
All the time to be honest because I like to make my opinions known, I there is something that I disagree with I will make sure the individuals concerned are fully aware that I disagree and I will give my reasons as to why I disagree.

For example, the recent French Terrorist attacks, my Dad was saying that the rally was an over reaction and that 1000s of people die everyday and deserve the same respect, I explained that this was different, this was not just an attack on 12 people it was an attack on a nation and an idea which could affect the whole world if something was not done about it It feels good when I do this, I very much enjoy the challenge of convincing others to agree with but not due to the fact that I am being forceful or pushy, but instead convince them through the merits of my argument and showing them a different point of view
How would you feel if you had to put the shared interests of your team above your own? Have you had to do this recently?

I am very happy to do so, the interests of my team will always supersede my own and more often than not our interests are aligned. I am a team player and I believe that cooperation and compromise is essential for any team to do well.

In my experience group decisions always turn out to be a lot better than individual ones a more factors have been taken into consideration I am a member of the UK virtual fund and I put myself forward to lead to financial companies, I was voted in by the other members of my group and we started conducting our research, however 3 weeks into the initiative, we had a new member who was a 3rd year and had more experience than myself in stock picking and financial analysis so in the interest of the team I decided to step down and all him to take the lead and to be honest I think it was an extremely good decision, I've learnt so much from him and his knowledge and commitment puts the whole team at a great advantage
When you are building relationships with others what would you do that others may not? What motivates you to do this?

Relationship Building
Take the first step, more often than not it is I who initiates the dialogue and tries to find common ground, also I will go the extra mile and try to make the relationship last, always try to exchange some kind of correspondence like email or linkedin more often than not and will try to check in once in a while I believe in life if you do good things for others, others would do good things for you

More importantly, in the financial world there are 3 different types of people, co-workers, client and competitors, the financial industry is small, when I go to networking events, in essence, everyone else is my competitor however in 1 year or 5 years time they could be my client or a co-worker so it's very important to build long and lasting relationships
Do you think other people would describe you as having a strong moral code? Why do you think they would say this?

Moral Compass
Yes definitively (No hesitation!), without a doubt! , I never give into peer pressure, for example, I'm in my first year of university and this is my first week university and this is the so called 're-freshers' week but I decided to refrain because I wanted to prepare for this telephone interview and I believe I would be doing myself a dis service If I do not put 100% effort into things I commit to doing

A women dropped 20 pounds on the floor, I pikce dit up and returned it without even thinking about I

If I make a mistake, I will always admit to it even if it gets me into trouble, I find it physically impossible to let someone else take the fall for my actions
How do you think your friend and family would describe the way you interact and engage with others? How would you feel if we sought this feedback from them?

• Very good
• forthcoming
• Always looking to build relationships and find common ground with a diverse group of people
Looking to start convos
• I would be very comfortable if you sought feedback from them, it would only help to strengthen my application

(Give a detailed account
Would other people say that you pick things up easily and learn quickly? Why would you say that?

Knowledge Manager
• Yes I am very sure they would to be honest • Make a point to pay full attention first time round
• If I don't understand, I ask instead of suffering in silence
• Believer in learning by doing, put lessons into practice
• Help others to cement my own knowledge
Would others say that you were driven and self-motivated? Why do you think that they would say that about you?

• Yes others will certainly say that I'm both driven and self-motivated • Goal driven, work hard to achieve my goals
• Shown most in my academic life, exams LSE offer
• Strong positive attitude
If we asked someone close to you if you were passionate about business, what would they say?
Business Affinity
• Yes I definitely am • Economics degree
• Keep up to date
• Member of UK business society/attended talks/network sessions
• Sequoia Work Experience
When you are tasked with improving something, what do you do that other people may not? What motivates you to do this?

• Identify the flaws
• Identify the causes of the flaws
• Identify the steps needed to solve the causes
• Carry and the steps, then test for success
• Be persistent
• Not afraid to ask for advice, seek 2nd opinion • Stewardship
• Being responsible to innovation and breaking new grounds really excites me
Have you ever challenged someone who broke the rules or cheated? What motivated you to do this?

• Yes
• Felt obligated due to principle
• Do not regret it and would do it again • Rules offer guidelines between right and wrong, protects the common good
• In business, rules promote free and fair competition
• Slippery Slope
• Financial Crisis comparison
When clients are thinking about where to place their money in the world, what considerations do you think will be foremost in their minds?

Strategic Awareness
• ECB interest rates
• Political stability
• Economic Stability
• Strong financial institutions
• Deposit Insurance schemes
How would you feel if you were asked at the last minute tom summarise complex information to a senior manager? Have you done anything similar in the past?
• Would relish the opportunity
• I thrive under pressure
• Believer in Baptisms of fire
• You have to put yourself out there in order to improve
• Investment Society, took over the stock pitch in the last minute
• Sequoia presented background information to employers over videoconference
Would others say you're good at adapting your behaviour to different social and professional situations? Why would you say this?

• Very socially aware
• Enjoy adapting myself to different situations (networking example)
• Cameroon cultural difference/ visiting friends
Would you say that you generally prefer collaborating with others to achieve results, rather than working independently? What motitvates you to do this?

Collaboration without a doubt is better that independent working • diverse points of view= better decision
• Division of Labour (provide an eg)
• Better working environment
How do you ensure you develop strong and lasting relationships with others? What motivates you to do this?

Relationship Building
• Communicate effectively, linkedin, email
• Make effort to keep in touch
• Boost clients confidence by going beyond what's expected
• Honesty
• Clients are people not numbers, remember something individual/ personal about the client
• Improve Barclays Brand
• 3 Cs
• Trust them to give them positive feedback
Imagine that you're trying to build a relationship with a new client, and they asked you to do something that you considered unethical. What would you do? Why would you do this?

Moral Compass
• Refuse to compromise ethics
• Convey these feelings to the client • Representing Barclays
• Do right by client, client does right by me
• Set a standard from co-workers
• Gain the respect of my co-workers
When was the last time you pro-actively approached someone in order to seek feedback? How do you feel when receiving feedback>

• CV
• Sought Feedback from a variety of diverse sources
• Multiple Draft
• First/Last drafts very different • Very good
• Enjoy improving myself
• I know where my weaknesses lie
• Enjoy the challenge of amending them
Would you say that you're a quick leaner? When was the last time you had to learn something quickly?

Knowledge manager
• Yes definitely, comes naturally • Driving Test
Imagine you were successful in gaining employment with Barclays how would you go about ensuring you excelled within the role?

• Take opportunities to improve myself
• Work Hard
• Act professionally
• Cultivate relationships
• Pro-active
• Be a team player
• Seek feedback on my performance
Do you think that others would say that you are always looking to improve things? Why would you say that?

• Yes, most certainly • Stewardship
• Take pride in innovation and improving
• Example of Stewardship
What would you find motivating about working within this particular business area in Barclays? How do you think this would impact your work?

Busines Affinity
• People business, enjoy working with clients
• Job is very dynamic
• Steep learning curve, enjoy the challenge
• Learning new skills
• Working with others form a diverse background
• Front office affects other markets • Smart people push me to work hard
• Positive impact on work
• Apply the new skills learnt