JBIP: Quiz # 3

JBIP: China trip quiz number 3...Queens University of Charlotte
Summer 1971
Year; Ping-pong diplomacy between US and PRC.
year; Nixon visits china; meets Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai
Mao dies, followed later that year by Zhou Enlai
Deng Xiaoping
Tiananmen square happened under his control/ liked western ideas/ 4 modernizations/ 4 economic zones (on coast, export and import)/ democracy wall/ light industry- consumer goods/ met with gorbachev/ mixed new and old culture/ emerging market economy/ opened china to outside world/ contract system/ limited one child (1 child policy)
year; The gang of four is arrested. October 11th.
year; Deng Xiaoping battles Hua Guofeng for control. Deng wins to become General Secretary and head of military (PLA).
years; Hu Yaobang, General Secretary (picked by Deng)
years; Zhao Ziyang, General Secretary
years; Jiang Zemin, General Secretary
year; Deng "retires" from government
Since 2002
years; Hu Jintao, General Secretary
Zhou Enlai
Outside China, remembered as sophisticated diplomatpersonally responsible for "normalizing" Communist China's relations with the outside world.
T/F Zhou Enlai's "ping‐pong" diplomacy (sporting exchanges) with the U.S. laid foundation for secret talks with Kissinger in July 1971.
In 1972, _______ sends President Nixon two pandas,Ling‐Ling and Hsing‐Hsing to reside at National Zoo in Washington, D.C.
Sept. 9th 1976
Mao date of death.
Hua Guofeng
Who was Mao's successor after his death?
Jiang Qing
Who was Mao's 4th wife? (Part of the Gang of Four)
What year was the Gang of Four tried and convicted?
1977; People's Liberation Army
Deng is dropped from all leadership positions after the tiananmen square incident, but he returns to all of his offical positions in July of _______, and becomes head of what?
Deng Xiaopeng
Who controled the army in China during this time period?
Hua, Deng
In the power struggle between Deng Xiaoping and Hua Guofeng, ______ had the offices of Premier and Party Chairman, but _______ had the People's Liberation Army.
Agriculture, Industry, Science, and National Defense
In Deng's 11th party congress speech what were the four areas of modernization that he wanted to modernize?
The Four Modernizations
What was the name given to the areas of Agriculture, Industry, Science, and National Defense that Deng wanted to improve in China?
T/F Generally, the 1980's saw a relaxation of control by Communist Party.
When was the Ten year plan begun? The year range.
In spring of what year did Deng make his "southern tour" of China;visiting Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and spending the New Year in Shanghai?
Nǐ hǎo
hello; how are you
Nǐ jiào shén me míng zi?
What is your name?
Wǒ jiào ____________. Nǐ ne?
My name is ________. And you?
Hǎo. Nǐ shì nǎ guó rén?
Good. What country are you from?
Wǒ shì měi guó rén. Nǐ ne?
I am an american. And you?