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Study of psychology pt 1


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What is psychology?
The scientific study of human mind and its functions especially those affecting behavior in a given contexts
The social cognitive approach differs from the previous approaches covered namely do is focus on _______ thoughts and emotions.
his social cognitive approaches that personality consist up the thoughts we learn through observation and interaction with others
Three factors that make up Bandura's reciprocal determinism are
Environmental personal and behavior
The higher are our perceived self-efficacy for a particular task, the ____ are actual accomplishment. Similarly perceived self efficacy ___ impact one's psychological well being
Greater, can
The social cognitive approach does a nice job of capturing the complexity and uniqueness that are undoubtedly intertwined the human personality, which it is the biggest strength
The name of the major method of the humanistic approach is which is explains the unique way of perceiving and interpreting the world that shapes personality and guides behavior
The humanistic approach States as humans beings are naturally inclined towards goodness Creativity love and joy
The ideas of actualize tendency and self concept were proposed by which famous psychologist
Carl Rodgers
According to Abraham Maslow the peak up herarchy needs is called ____, switching consider the human need. on this level we experience our life goals does morality in her potential and purpose
The humanistic approach is consistent with how most people view themselves and is easily relatable, though it's criticized for its lack of empirical research and scientific background