21 terms

GHS Sports Med

open wound made by a cutting object
scrapping off of a layer of skin or "strawberry"
closed wound commonly called a bruise
a jagger or irregular wound created by a non-cutting object
a partial tearing away of a body part
an open wound in which a body part is completely cut away from the body
occurs when a pointed object enters the body
occurs on the opposite side of the initial injury
avulsion fracture
when a ligament or tendon pulls so hard that a portion of the bone is torn away
stress fracture
fatigue fracture, happens when a bone is subjected to repetitive stress or overuse
spiral fracture
a torsional fracture along the length of a bone, resembles a candy cane
longitudinal fracture
runs the length of a bone, usually caused by an impact
compression fracture
this fracture occurs when opposing forces are applied to a bone from both ends at the same time
oblique fracture
a diagonal fracture
comminuted fracture
when a bone is crushed into smaller pieces
greenstick fracture
this fracture commonly occurs in children because their bones have some of the properties of cartilage
transverse fracture
perpendicular fracture
depressed fracture
this rounded fracture occurs when from a direct impact to the skull
blowout fracture
this fracture occurs when an eye is pushed hard back and downward into the eye socket
pathological fracture
a disease process like a bone tumor can weaken bones so that little stress causes a fracture
epiphyseal fracture
fracture on the growth plate