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characters with a similar appearance

outline type

can be scaled to any size without losing it's sharp, smooth edges

vector fonts

outline type

bitmap type

composed of pixels, and, like, images, can develop jagged edges when enlarged.

font family

a complete set of characters, letters, and symbols for a particular typeface.

serif fonts

have a tail, or stroke, at the end of some characters

sans serif fonts

do not have tails and are commonly used in headlines

symbol fonts

used to display unique characters


character size


programming language that optimizes printed text and graphics

type spacing

finite adjustments to the space between characters and lines of type

monotype spacing

each character occupies the same amount of space

proportional spacing

each character can take up a different amount of spacing


controls the amount of space between the characters


inserts a uniform amount of space between selected characters


amount of space

character panel

helps you manually control type properties


an invisible line type rests on

baseline shift

vertical distance type moves from the baseline

layer styles

effects which can be applied to a type or image layer

drop shadow

creates an illusion that another colored layer of identical text is behind the selected type


determines where the shadow falls relative to the text


determines how far the shadow falls from the text


determines the width of the shadow


determines the clarity of the shadow


partially fills in pixel edges with additional coloring, resulting in smooth edge type


applies no anti-aliasing


displays type with the best possible resolution


gives type more definition


makes type appear heavier


gives more rounded edges


determines size and physical properties of the object


determines lighting effects


affects the amount of visible dimension

gloss contour

determines the pattern with which light is reflected

highlight and shadow mode

determines how pigments are combined


converted to an image layer

distort filters

lets you create waves or curves in type


height of ridges within an object

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