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  1. Junipero Serra
  2. Walter Rauschenbusch
  3. Church of Christ, Scientist
  4. Henry VIII
  5. Jean de Brefeuf
  1. a Jesus' love = only reality
    Jesus developed "scientific" healing methods
  2. b First called "Defender of the Church"
    then wanted divorce:break of England w/Rome
    Supremacy Act: 1534 king=supreme head of Anglican Church (Church of England)
  3. c gave intellectual respectability so that it [Social Gospel] could not be dismissed
  4. d Franciscan
    established church in CA
  5. e Worked with Hurons; learned their language
    Killed by Iroquois

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  1. Conscious return to classical ideas
    renewed importance of the individual
    Christian Humanists: focus on original source of scripture, original intent of lang.
  2. anglican
    King James I of England took over colony
  3. English preacher after Edwards
    Father of Pentecostalism
    "The Great Itinerant," preached in open air
    "quickening"- increase of religious fervor
  4. Henry wanted a divorce to marry her
    mother to Elizabeth, first wife to be beheaded
  5. began in Switzerland; Geneva society
    Genevan Consistency: ruling body, 12 laymen and company of pastors
    Principle of Presdestination

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  1. Ulrich ZwingliDidn't support Puritans (some go to Holland)
    Great Migration of Puritans during reign (1630)


  2. Pentecostalismin Protestant groups before Revolutionary War
    dynamic preaching about sinfulness of people, God's wrath, eternal damnation, importance of being saved


  3. Lyman Beecherchancellor of Cambridge University, bishop of Rochester; defender of Church vs. Martin Luther and Henry VIII
    only bishop to not swear allegiance as kind demanded (therefore beheaded)


  4. EnlightenmentReestablished protestantism (pope didn't recognize her as ruler)


  5. James McGreadydeveloped the Camp Meetings of the Second Great Awakening
    stressed; common Christianity, personal repentance, importance of the Bible
    seen as social occasions