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  1. Anne Boleyn
  2. Evangelical Religion
  3. Billy Sunday
  4. Yale University
  5. Princeton University
  1. a Presbyterians (Pres founded by John Knox)
    first "college of New Jersey"
  2. b revivalist preacher
    ranting fundamentalist preacher who attracted and entertained large crowds
  3. c Congregationalists (Puritan)
    conservative group left Harvard (Increase Mather)
    in Connecticut
  4. d Henry wanted a divorce to marry her
    mother to Elizabeth, first wife to be beheaded
  5. e refers to a more personal salvation, acceptance of Jesus Christ, the Bible , Grace, and repentance
    more personal

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  1. Sold indulgences
    example of greediness in the church, Luther had big problem with
  2. humanist and chancellor of England
    refused to support Henry's divorce and Act of Supremacy (therefore beheaded)
  3. chancellor of Cambridge University, bishop of Rochester; defender of Church vs. Martin Luther and Henry VIII
    only bishop to not swear allegiance as kind demanded (therefore beheaded)
  4. established Oneida Community
    members of the sect held all property in common and practiced complex marriage and common care of children
    1. security from sin
    2. millennium has come and we are in last days
    3. concentration on living primitive Christian community
  5. the belief which holds that all beings, natural objects, natural phenomenon, and nature possess souls or spirits that must be reckoned with before any activity can be undertaken
    belief in "great spirit"

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  1. 7th Day Adventists"to baptize again"
    return to primitive form of Christianity, Parish system
    Strict Separation of Church and State


  2. Civil Religionbegan in Switzerland; Geneva society
    Genevan Consistency: ruling body, 12 laymen and company of pastors
    Principle of Presdestination


  3. Charles ChaunceyDidn't support Puritans (some go to Holland)
    Great Migration of Puritans during reign (1630)


  4. Social Gospelapply biblical teachings to the problems associated with industrialization and urbanization
    leaders: Washington Gladden and Walter Rauschenbusch
    "social creed of the churches;" abolition of child labor, better working conditions for women, one day off during the week, right of every worker to a living wage


  5. Elizabeth IDidn't support Puritans (some go to Holland)
    Great Migration of Puritans during reign (1630)