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  1. Andrew Carnegie
  2. John Fisher
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Episcopalianism
  5. Crusades
  1. a Am. industrialist and philanthropist
    "Gospel of Wealth"
    -private property
    -free competition
    -unfettered accumulation of wealth
  2. b the Anglican church in the United States
    After the Revolutionary war they wanted to distance themselves from anything England
  3. c Quaker? (William Penn)
    religious freedom
  4. d Pope Urban II
    forgiveness of sins for those who marched
    tried to take back shrines from Muslims in Holy Land (failed)
  5. e chancellor of Cambridge University, bishop of Rochester; defender of Church vs. Martin Luther and Henry VIII
    only bishop to not swear allegiance as kind demanded (therefore beheaded)

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  1. humanist and chancellor of England
    refused to support Henry's divorce and Act of Supremacy (therefore beheaded)
  2. Transcendentalist
    wrote Walden
  3. Worked with Hurons; learned their language
    Killed by Iroquois
  4. began by Joseph Smith
    Church of the Latter Day Saints
    "plural marriage"
    successful creed born American soil
  5. Archbishop of Cnaterbury
    made it so that Henry could get a divorce (sep Engl. w/Rome)

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  1. Charismatic Movementmodern Pentecostal movement
    characterized by a "second baptism"
    all denominations


  2. John WinthropPuritan leader
    powerful gov of Mass Bay Colony (disagreed w/ anne hutchinson


  3. 7th Day AdventistsCamp meetings and revivals
    grew during Second Great Awakening
    horseback preachers


  4. William Jennings BryantCultural Fundamentalist
    politician and orator; spoke out about family, thrift, hard work
    prosecuting attorney in Scopes trial


  5. William Boothfounded Mllerites
    sect of Second Adventists believed second coming was imminent
    take the Bible as the sole rule of faith
    imminent, premillennial, personal, visible