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  1. Thomas Cramner
  2. Maryland
  3. John Calvin
  4. George Fox
  5. Babylonian Captivity
  1. a 1305-1377
    7 popes in Avignon
    Showed popes as weaker than rulers
  2. b Catholic (Calvert)
  3. c began in Switzerland; Geneva society
    Genevan Consistency: ruling body, 12 laymen and company of pastors
    Principle of Presdestination
  4. d Formed the Quakers (the Society of Friends)
    message was personal communion w/ a divine "inner light"
    Persecuted in England and Am; settled in remote places, in RI.william penn, etc
  5. e Archbishop of Cnaterbury
    made it so that Henry could get a divorce (sep Engl. w/Rome)

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  1. Its rise caused an increased loyalty of people to their rulers instead of loyalty to the Church (popes, bishops, etc.)
    One cause of decline for Medieval Church
  2. 1378 One pope elected..then two more
    showed papal rule as not under control
  3. Mormon
    led 3/4ths of Smith's followers to Utah following Smith's death
    settled in Salt Lake City
  4. Young Men's Christian Association
    Urban Revivalism: evangelical outreach in cities
    father young men together to read the Bible and spread the faith
    founder: George Williams
  5. Anglican, in Virginia
    established to train clergy
    resentment from having an English bishop

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  1. Ulrich ZwingliMormon
    led 3/4ths of Smith's followers to Utah following Smith's death
    settled in Salt Lake City


  2. Jerry McCauleydeveloped the Camp Meetings of the Second Great Awakening
    stressed; common Christianity, personal repentance, importance of the Bible
    seen as social occasions


  3. John WelseyFounder Methodist (methodical conscientiousness and discipline)
    open-air preaching and organized lay-conducted "societies"


  4. Congregational Church OrganizationMost Puritans (in New England)
    churches are organized independently yet cooperate with the state to promote reform


  5. Harvard UniversityPuritan
    in Mass. Prime source of New England's Congregational clergy into the 18th c