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  1. Elizabeth I
  2. Unitarians
  3. Martin Luther
  4. Roger Williams
  5. Pennsylvania
  1. a Reestablished protestantism (pope didn't recognize her as ruler)
  2. b banished from Mass Bay Colony for religious beliefs
    founded Providence, RI for dissenters from the "New England Way"
  3. c Augustinian Order monk
    unhappy with what the church was doing: 95 Theses
    never intended to separate at first
  4. d Now, focus was on human ability and Free Will
    grew from intellectual climate of Boston, Mass.
    reject the Trinity and hold to the oneness of God
  5. e Quaker? (William Penn)
    religious freedom

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  1. most effective new religious groups
    schools based on humanist methods
    served as missionaries
  2. Transcendentalist
    wrote "Nature," "Self-Reliance," and "The Over-Soul"
  3. Didn't support Puritans (some go to Holland)
    Great Migration of Puritans during reign (1630)
  4. Not very sympathetic to Puritans or catholics
    King James Bible
  5. Worked with Hurons; learned their language
    Killed by Iroquois

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  1. Spiritualismhuman mediums could establish scientifically verifiable contact with spirits and pronounce religious truths in ritualized seances
    Kate Fox and Margaret Fox


  2. John Calvinbegan in Switzerland; Geneva society
    Genevan Consistency: ruling body, 12 laymen and company of pastors
    Principle of Presdestination


  3. James McGreadyNot very sympathetic to Puritans or catholics
    King James Bible


  4. Anabaptists"to baptize again"
    return to primitive form of Christianity, Parish system
    Strict Separation of Church and State


  5. Y.M.C.A.Not very sympathetic to Puritans or catholics
    King James Bible