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  1. Episcopalianism
  2. 7th Day Adventists
  3. Henry VIII
  4. Joseph Smith
  5. Thomas Cramner
  1. a First called "Defender of the Church"
    then wanted divorce:break of England w/Rome
    Supremacy Act: 1534 king=supreme head of Anglican Church (Church of England)
  2. b Archbishop of Cnaterbury
    made it so that Henry could get a divorce (sep Engl. w/Rome)
  3. c began Mormon
    experienced religious visions, found tablets contained a scriptural account
  4. d the Anglican church in the United States
    After the Revolutionary war they wanted to distance themselves from anything England
  5. e group that left the Millerites
    Joseph Bates and James and Ellen White
    Bible = sole rule of faith
    imminent, premillennial, personal, visible return of Jesus

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  1. Baptists (baptism restricted to adults) in RI
    response to other schools
    accepts all religions
  2. the belief which holds that all beings, natural objects, natural phenomenon, and nature possess souls or spirits that must be reckoned with before any activity can be undertaken
    belief in "great spirit"
  3. Franciscan
    established church in CA
  4. Henry's eldest daughter (K of A)
    ROMAN CATHOLIC; "bloody Mary," papal authority restored
  5. Presbyterians (Pres founded by John Knox)
    first "college of New Jersey"

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  1. Martin LutherAugustinian Order monk
    unhappy with what the church was doing: 95 Theses
    never intended to separate at first


  2. Brigham Youngfounded Salvation Army
    Methodist minister; "fighting force and at war with the power of evil"
    Based on military rankings; a Christian sect


  3. Anne HutchinsonMass. Bay
    critical of teachings of colonial ministers
    banished from Mass Bay Colony (to RI)
    helped found Portsmouth


  4. Social GospelAble toe bring Puritan and Deist ideas together
    spoke for religious freedom


  5. John WelseyPuritan leader
    powerful gov of Mass Bay Colony (disagreed w/ anne hutchinson