ND Chapter 1&2 test

As the water retreated in ND it left behind _______. These sediments accumulated in the __________________
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In the ______________ glaciers formed and covered much of ND about 1.8 million years agoIce AgeMelting glaceries left behind _________ such as ____________, __________ and _________landscape formations, moraines, drumlins, eskersWhat are moraines, drumlins, and eskersMoraines: Hills and ridges left behind as the glaceris melted Drumlins: Look like top halves of a football. They point in the direction that the glacier was moving Eskers: Low ridges of earth and rock formed by water flowing under ice. Referred to as potholes___________ was the last glacier in ND and melted about _________ years agoWisconsinan Glacier, 12,000______ of ND was not effected by the Wisconsinan Glacierbadlandswestern ND is called the ______ or _______clinker, scoriaThe result of the Wisconsinan Glacier melting was ___________Lake AgassizLake Agassiz left ______ soil in the Red River VallyerrichThere were ______ and ________ in NDWoolly mammoths, MastodonsHow many square miles is ND?70,704what does ND rank in size?18thWhat are the borders of ND?Eastern: Red River, Minnesota Western: Montana Northern: Canadian Provencies of Saskatchewan anf Manitoba at the 49th parelle Southern: South DakotaFive things about the Red River Valleymost fertile area, 30-90 miles wide, bottom of former lake Agassiz, lowest elevation in the state, Pembina escarpmentFour things about the drift prairie2nd highest elevation, 200 miles wide at the Northern border and 75 miles at the southern, rolling prairie with occasional hills, many potholes and small lakes or pondsWhat does Coteau de Missouri mean?Hills of MissouriWhat seperates the drift prairie and the missouri plateau?missouri escarpmentWhat is different about the badlands?They were not covered by glacierswhat are scoria?cinders of lignite coal that burned undergroud making it bright redwhat are buttes?large, flat-topped hills that rise above the planesWhat is the Northern Divide?It separates river systems, they flow to the opposite sides of the continentWhat is the longest tributary of the Red River?SheyenneWhat two rivers are seperated by ______ miles and flow different directions?The James and Sheyenne rivers are separated by less than 10 milesHow wide and tall is ND335 and 210 miles