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Kouzes and Posner discuss the leader characteristics that constituents admire. From research repeated several times since 1987, 4 characteristics consistently come out on top. These include all of the following EXCEPT:
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George works full time in a warehouse and works hard. Although he likes his boss, who is from Japan, he finds that they have different views on the work to be accomplished by the end of the shift. The work comes in spurts and lately, George is unable to finish the work by the end of his shift. He is experiencing what type of stress?
During the 1992 riots in Los Angeles where many individuals took merchandise, some argued that looters took only what they needed, like food and diapers, whereas others argued looters took only what they had been denied by the system, like TVs and stereos. If these looters were focusing on their own needs, what was their level of values maturity?
Which of the following is true with respect to credibility as discussed in The Leadership Challenge? (NO #)(NO #)Which of the following is true of a sense of calling?A sense of calling directly relates to decreased conflict at work.Social resiliency, as a moderating factor against the harmful effects of stress, involvesbeing able to develop and maintain close social relationships.If you are utilizing the effectiveness(as opposed to efficiency) approach to time management, you do what?Focus on important matters first; ignore urgent tasks unless they produce the desired resultsBob has decided to stop smoking. Also, he has decided to tell no one because he is tired of the jokes and the lack of support from his friends. Based on what you have learned about anticipatory stressors, what is an appropriate evaluation of this idea?It is a bad idea because he hasn't established reporting mechanisms or accountability.Your boss has just returned from a time management seminar, she believes that if you follow these rules you will be more efficient (1) make a list of things to do today; (2) read selectively; and (3) focus on urgent tasks over important tasks. (NO #)(NO #) Attitude towards changeEmployees at Turner, Inc. are engaged in a debate over the merits of an individual vs. a team-based compensation program. Based on Trompenaars' dimensions of national culture, which cultural dimension does this debate most closely relate to?Individualism vs. collectivismWhich of the following is true of the Time Management Matrix? (NO #)(NO #)Some rules for instituting small wins are (1) keep track of the changes you are making, (2) forget the small gains you have made and focus on what is next, and (3) find other small things to change and change them. Which are correct?Rules 1 and 3 are correct.From the Locus of Control Scale you determine that you are an external. This means (NO #)(NO #)Mary is suffering work stress as a result of her interactions with her new boss, who recently transferred from Finland. He has reorganized the work based on teams. In Mary's team, there is no agreement on who should do what or on the purpose of the team. Her stress is from which stressor?Encounter stressSome of the areas of self-awareness are listed below. Which of the following are correctly listed as areas of self-awareness? Personal Values Creativity Emotional Intelligence Core Self-EvaluationOnly creativity is incorrectAccording to research, which of the following is true of the practice of gratitude?Expressions of gratitude by one person have been shown to motivate others to express gratitude.Velma sees her work primarily as a means to develop a reputation and to feel important. Which of the following best reflects her orientation toward work?Career OrientationWhich of the following is referred to as Kouzes and Posner's First Law of Leadership?If you don't believe in the messenger, you won't believe the message.Emotional intelligence consists of (1) being aware of one's own emotions, (2) the ability to handle relationships with others, and (3) immediate gratification of one's desires. (NO #)(NO #)Research has shown that redesigning work can have an impact on managing stress. If an employee's work assignment is changed so they have the opportunity to complete an entire task from beginning to end, researchers call thistask identityAccording to Chapter 2 of The Leadership Challenge (Model the Way), a lack of values clarity leads topoor results.Attending a seminar to increase your professional development would fall under which of the following categories?Low urgency/high importanceCalvin feels like he was meant to do his job. He is energized by the opportunity to help his clients, and sometimes thinks he would be happy to do his work for free. Which of the following best reflects his orientation toward work?Calling orientationKouzes and Posner have also identified "competence" as a key leadership characteristic. To what does this typically refer? (NO #)(NO #) .......such as marketing or financeOne way to manage your time better is todo more than one thing at a time when tasks are routine.Javier was getting a drink from the water cooler when Hartman approached excitedly and exclaimed, "Guess what, Javier? I got the deal ... I got the big contract ... we finally closed the sale with that giant computer company. I am so excited." Javier responded in a soft voice, "That's nice." Which emotional intelligence ability does Javier most likely need to develop?Ability to respond appropriately to others' emotional cues