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  1. Nurses performing more
  2. Hemagglutinin (HA), an antigenic glycoprotein from Influenza viruses morphology
  3. Immunofluorescence use Antibody with fluorescent label and they
  4. C. difficile test looks for
  5. ELISA is a example of immunoassay, indirect ELISA uses
  1. a POC testing than ever before because of the Immediate results
  2. b toxin, not bug
  3. c -antigen coated to plastic well
    -protein blocks remaining plastic surface
    -Serum added(primary antibody)
    -if antibodies(bind antigen)
    -if no antibodies(antigen not bound)
    -Indicator antibody(enzyme-linked anti-Ig antibody binds primary antibody)
    -Substrate(specific for enzyme linked to secondary antibody,enzyme causes substrate to change color)
    -Reactions(color change=
    antibody in serum,no color change=
    no antibody in serum)
  4. d -trimeric protein
    -13 major antigenic classes
    -functions in viral attachment to a variety of host cells
  5. e -Bind to cell
    -Visualize under UV light

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  1. Screen for antibodies (anti-HIV, anti-rubella)
  2. marker(radioactive,fluorescent,enzyme)
  3. -coated spheres or cells
    -observe agglutination
  4. -detect specific proteins in cells
    -detect viruses in cells
    -identify microbial cells
    -identify and sort cells
    -fluorescent activated cell sorter (FACS)
  5. -known Ag (ie, Toxoplasma gondii) on slide
    -incubate with patient serum 25 min.
    -wash unbound serum away
    -incubate with conjugated anti-Hu gamma globulin ~25 min.
    -wash unbound Ab away
    detect in fluorescent microscope

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  1. In Double immunodiffusion-Antibody mixed into gel with specimens in well
    -screening for presence of antigen
    precipitate forms band around well which
    indicate presence of antigen
    -size of band relative to concentration of antigen


  2. Types of precipitation reactionsTest tube
    Capillary tube
    Agarose plate


  3. Monoclonal Antibody Production-Immunization leads to Antibody-forming cells, which fuse with tumor cells to form hybridomas.
    -Hybidomas screened for antibody production and antibody-producing hybridomas cloned
    -Monoclonal antibodies isolated for cultivation


  4. Direct Immunoassays areScreen for antibodies (anti-HIV, anti-rubella)


  5. RapidStrep is VERY specific, but noteliminate false positives