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  1. Indirect Ab detection of Fluorescence microscopy procedure
  2. Types of precipitation reactions
  3. Immunoassays Multiple samples tested at once and has
  4. Indirect Agglutination reactions
  5. Hemagglutinin (HA), an antigenic glycoprotein from Influenza viruses morphology
  1. a Test tube
    Capillary tube
    Agarose plate
  2. b -known Ag (ie, Toxoplasma gondii) on slide
    -incubate with patient serum 25 min.
    -wash unbound serum away
    -incubate with conjugated anti-Hu gamma globulin ~25 min.
    -wash unbound Ab away
    detect in fluorescent microscope
  3. c -trimeric protein
    -13 major antigenic classes
    -functions in viral attachment to a variety of host cells
  4. d Great sensitivity much greater than other tests, dependent on type of tag
  5. e -coated spheres or cells
    -observe agglutination

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  1. -Similar to precipitation reaction
    -Visible reaction because antigen or antibody is on larger molecule (cell,latex bead,charcoal)
    -Interaction of antigen and antibody causes
    clumping of large particles
  2. -indirect agglutination
    -measures IgE specific to a particular Ag
    -Ag-bead+pt serum IgE-Ag-bead+anti-IgE-125I
  3. -using cells with antigen on them
    -naturally particulate antigens
  4. too sensitive, lots of false negatives because Monoclonal Ab based
  5. -detect specific proteins in cells
    -detect viruses in cells
    -identify microbial cells
    -identify and sort cells
    -fluorescent activated cell sorter (FACS)

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  1. Single immunodiffusion-Two antigens and one antibody and place in separate wells
    Allow diffusion
    -Lines of precipitation
    if continuous = identical antigens
    if crossing lines =completely different antigens
    if continuous with spur= partial identity


  2. Lupus - indirect test for anti-nuclear Ab (ANA) Usesrat hepatocytes b/c liver cells have large nuclei


  3. RPR - syphilis test (indirect, screening) many false positives-Ag is cardiolipin (beef liver)
    -specific test uses Ag from T. pallidum


  4. Visible soluble precipitate-Agar dish is the solid medium
    -One well contains antibody
    -Other well contains antigen
    -Allow diffusion and form precipitate at zone of equivalence


  5. Agglutination reactions can occur with anti-lg-antibodiesparticles with attached antigens+ complementary antibodies to antigens> antibodies bind to antigens but they can't cause agglutination> when anti-lg antibodies added, agglutination occurs