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Black History Month - People


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Maya Angelou
famous author that wrote poetry and read at President Clinton's inauguration
Benjamin Banneker
Astronomer, Mathematician. built the first woodon clock. helped design washington dc
Guion Bluford
First african american to go into space on apollo 11
George Washington Carver
He developed many products from peanuts
Marva Collins
Educator that opened her own school for troubled black children and taught how to be a teacher
Frederick Douglass
an abolitionist who wrote newspapers called North Star
Charles Drew
doctor who started first blood bank
W.E.B. DuBois
he was a fighter for the cival rights and he began the NAACP
Alex Haley
author who wrote Roots which was about family history went to Africa to do research
Matthew Henson
explorer who worked with Robert Parry and was first to go to North Pole
Langston Hughes
famous poet who wrote poems about black heritage
Mae C. Jemison
first African American female to go to space
Thurgood Marshall
first African American lawyer to be a supreme court justice
Garrett Morgan
invented traffic signals and the gas mask
Toni Morrison
first African American to win the Noble Prize in literature
Barack Obama
first African American to become the president of the United States
Colin Powell
first African American secretary of state and was a famous military man
Condolezza Rice
the first african american female to be secretary of state
Harriet Tubman
she led slaves to freedom on the underground railroad
Booker T Washington
educator who started an institution for African Americans