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Any color agent, made from natural or synthetic substances, used in paints or drawing materials. Usually powdered form.


Liquid emulsion used as a carrier or spreading agent in paints.


The material used in paint that causes pigment particles to adhere to one another and to the support. Example: linseed oil or acrylic polymer.


The physical material that provides the base for and sustains a two-dimensional work of art. Paper is usual support for drawings and prints; canvas or panels are common for this in painting.


In painting, a primary layer of paint applied to a surface that is to be painted. Is used to created a uniform surface.


Paint that uses water-soluble gum as the binder and water as the vehicle. Characterized by transparency.


An opaque, water soluble paint.


A water based paint that uses egg yolk as a binder. Many commercially made paints identified as tempera are actually gouache.


A mixture of glue and chalk, thinned with water and applied as a ground before painting with old or egg tempera. Normally a bright white color.


A type of painting in which pigment is suspended in a binder of hot wax.


A clear synthetic resin used as a binder in acrylic paint and as a casting material in sculpture.


A small scale paint sprayer that allows the artist to control a fine mist of paint.


A painting technique in which pigments suspended in water are applied to a damp lime-plaster surface. The pigments dry to become part of the plaster wall or surface. Sometimes called true or buon.

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