81 terms

History chapter 1

James Hargreaves
invented the "Spinning Jenny"
James Watt
invented the steam engine
spinning wheel
first landmark of the industrial revolution
George Stephenson
made the North Star Model locomotive
North Star Model locomotive
results in the railroad
Crystal Palace
symbolic landmark for the completion of the Industrial Revolution
discovery of the laws
Enlightenment was about the _______.
John Locke
argues the state of nature or natural liberty
checks and balances
government in 3 parts
individual liberty by legal institutions
claimed God has no will
about civil liberty
said "man is born free and everywhere he is in chains"
Adam Smith
about economic liberty
Adam Smith
Writes "The Wealth of Nations"
Adam Smith
the "Father of Economics"
trade as a source of wealth
John Stuart Mill
writes "On Liberty"
John Stuart Mill
Representative legislation/ minority
John Stuart Mill
women's right to vote
Das Kapital
profit making is the slave of money and free competition results in lower wages and unemployment
Private property
Marx thought was a parasitic capitalist class
working class
Origin of Species
4 ideas: organic evolution, struggle for existence (food), survival of the fittest, natural selection
Charles Darwin
wrote the Descent of Man
Social Darwinism
"white man's burden" and provided theoretical foundations of Western Imperialism
French Revolution
clearly defined modern democracy idea
French Revolution
clearly said private property is an "inviolable and sacred right"
believe in one god
believe in many gods
French East India company
have top-down approach
Top-down Approach
befriend Mughal state
Bottom-up Approach
befriend Hindu states
Robert Clive
person associated with "Black hole of Calcutta"
Battle of Plassey
battle where British bribe the sepoy general to win
Company Rule
Agent system where Mughal king "hires" Britain to collect taxes, etc.
Aborted Modernization
Britain is blamed for India's failure to be able to modernize
pro how Indian education is without Britain
pro British help regarding Indian education
widow burning
Industrial Capitalism
motive behind white man's burden
Henry Stanley
gets entire Congo valley for King Leopold II
Berlin International Conference
where everyone agreese to recognize Congo as territory
Effective occupation
have to show you can control land
Notice of Intent
Have to let rest of European powers know you want land
Dred Scott Decision
decided descendants of slaves are not citizens and owners can reclaim runaway slaves
13th amendment
prohibits slavery
14th amendment
grants citizenship to former slaves
15th amendment
said former slaves have teh right to vote
Andrew Carnegie
iron and steel industry
John D Rockefeller
J.P. Morgan
transcontinental railroad
Thomas Edison
electric engineering
native born/ wealthy land owners
Iberian born/ officials, officers, and businessmen
associated with the liberation of Latin America
dictator of Grand Columbia
Porifiro Diaz
Mexican President who proposed the slogan "liberty, order, progress" and was president for 11 terms
Hang Xiuquan
organized society of God worshipers
Taiping rebellion
attempt at creating heavenly kingdom on earth
Sino- Japanese War
Japan defeats Chinese navy at Yellow Sea
Treaty of Shimono seki
China recognizes Korea's "independence"
Anti-Suogunate rebellion
proposes sonno joi ("to honor the emperor and expel the barbarians")
men of high purpose
Feudalism/ "Dual authorities"
emperor is figurehead, shogun rules in actuality on behalf of the emperor
Treaty of Kanagawa
opens 2 ports for American ships and permits American consulate
Hundred Days Reform
China learns western education system, adopts western military system, and promotes private sector of economy
opium, prostitution, bound feet
3 "evils"
Emperor party
reform minded party
Empress party
conservative minded officials
Ottoman Empire
called "Gunpowder empire"
military slaves
civil service slaves
Islamic priests
had absolute power in Ottoman empire
Selim II
"the drunken Sultan"
Non Turks
those in Ottoman empire who wanted to keep independence
Colonel Mustafa Kernal (Ataturk)
gains Ottoman independence by defeating Greece
Latin alphabet
called "The Mandate System"