Sacramento, San Francisco, Monterrey, Los Angeles, and San Diego
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the government was insulted by itthe reaction from Mexico to Texas's annexation by the USAmerican Partywanted to restrict the rights of immigrantsWhig Partyrepresented business interests in the 1830's and 1840'sDebt, Native American raids, and Mexico's lack of recognitionMajor problems faced by the new state of Texaswriting a constitutionfirst order of business in setting up the Texas state governmentMirabeau Lamarformer Texas president who was an officer in the US Army during the Mexican American WarWinfield ScottGeneral who captured Mexico City in 1847John Slidellperson sent to negotiate with the Mexican governmentMary Madisonfree African American who filed a petition with the Texas legislature to remain in TexasJose Antonio NavarroMexican American who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence