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is an avascular connective tissue. has less ground substance than connective tissue.

three types of cartilage

hyaline, elastic, and fibrocartliage

Hyaline cartilage

chrondrocytes cells singele or paired in lacunae
small amount of ground substace with collagen fibers

locations of the hyaline cartliage

supportive rings of the trachea, lines the articular surfaces of opposing bones providing a smooth surface for movement

elastic cartilage

chondrocytes singgle or paired in lacunae
small amount of ground substance with collagen fiers and many elasttic fibers which allow more flexibiblity than hyaline cartilage

elastic cartilage locations

pinn of ear and epiglottis


chondrocytes in lacunae are less numerous and may be arranged in rows
ground substance with parallel bundles of collagenous fibers fro strength

fibrocartilage locations

intervertebral disces pubic symphsis menisci of the knee


hyaline cartilage


elasttic cartilage




specialized vascular connective tissue
contain 99% of the body's total calcium stores

two types of bones

both composed of the same cell types and fibers and ground substance

cell types found in bones

mature oseocytes in lacunae
ostoblasts at free edges
wandeering, multinucleated osteoclasts resorb bone
osteogenic cells bone stem cells

stem cells make



extremely small amount of ground ubstance
dense, embedded collagen fibers that have become ossifed with hard inorganic mainerals called hydroxyapatite


bone tissue

anatomy of compact bone




perforating canals


intersitital lamellae


circumferential lamellae




sharpey's fibers




spongy bone




long bone


proximal epiphysis


distal epiphysis




articular cartilage


epiphysieal lines


spongy bone


compact bone


meduallary cavity




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