20 terms

APUSH Chapter 4 - American Life in the 17th Century

William Berkeley
Governor of Virginia and friendly towards the Indians. Bacon's Rebellion occured while he was in office.
Nathaniel Bacon
Led Bacon's Rebellion. A planterwho was in search of land and attacked the Indians to get it.
Yarrow Mamout
A muslim African kidnapped from his home in Africa was sold into slavery, bought hi freedom and promoted pre-emancipated ideas.
William Bradford
A self-taught scholar and Pilgrim leader who was against settlement of non Pilgrims who could corrupt their society.
Matthew Hopkins
An English witch hunter during the English Civil War.
indentured servitude
When someone poor from Europe wants passage to America they agree to work a certain period of time for their money supplier in order to pay off their debt.
slave codes
Rules by which owners bound their slaves; the Barbados Slave Code was the worst.
headright system
The right to aquire a certain amount of land granted to the person who finances the passage of a laborer.
A sermon or prophecy warning of doom and calling for repentance.
middle passage
The voyage of slaves from Africa to the Americas.
freedom dues
Goods, clothes, and a little bit of land promised to indentured servants when their service time was up.
witch hunting
The tracking down, trials, and execution of people accused of witchcraft.
Yankee ingenuity
The thought that Yankees knew exactly what they were doing.
family stability
A loving environment for children: tranquil New England social structure and few premarital pregnancies.
Religious turn towards God.
Bacon's Rebellion
Led by Nathaniel Bacon, he and some others took justice into their own hands by attacking an Indian village.
Leisler's Rebellion
A rebellion in New York led by the merchants against the lordly land holders in 1689.
Half-Way Covenant
Puritan churchs offered partial membership to people who hadn't been completely converted.
African American
A black person born and raised in America.
New England Primer
The first learning-to-read book printed in the Americas that taught Bible stories along with other lessons.